Robles vs Putnam for Pittsburgh Hot-seat

Shawn Putnam

Day four is complete at the second stop on the North American Open Tour at The Hilton in Pittsburgh and the field has now been narrowed to just four players.

On the winners side, Tony Robles will face Shawn Putnam. Robles already has wins over Gabe Owen, Niels Feijen and Johnny Archer under his belt, but Putnam has beaten Charlie Bryant, Rodney Morris, Jeremy Jones and Santos Sambajon in this event. Of those four matches, 11-7 is as close an opponent has gotten to beating Putnam this week.

On the one loss side, Mike Davis will face Charlie Williams. Williams survived a hill-hill battle with Santos Sambajon in his final match on Wednesday, while Davis eliminated Johnny Archer in his final match.

Complete brackets are online as well as a photo gallery from Diana Hoppe at the event.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe