Rodney and Sheina Morris announce UPA Amateur League Az Franchise

Rodney and Sheina

Rodney and Sheina Morris have announced that they now own the Phoenix, Arizona Franchise for the UPA Amateur League.

The league is in it's first full season, with a second season ready to begin by late February.

Morris has recently relocated Sheina and his family to Phoenix, Arizona so that he can concentrate on this new venture.

"I have noticed a steady decline in the West Coast Billiards Scene over the last few years and I just want to do what I can to help" commented Morris. Morris went on to state that he wanted to concentrate on having a "greater impact with the amateur players" and felt this league system was the best way to make that happen.  Morris has also stated that he will be providing one free lesson to every new team that is formed for this league system.

Players interested in joining a team should contact one of the following rooms in the Phoenix area...

3337 W Peoria Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029
(602) 441-2447

2836 N 36th St # 1, Phoenix
(602) 957-9786

For more information regarding playing in the Phoenix area, please call Sheina at 623-203-3999. For more information regarding the UPA Amateur League, check out