Rodney Morris: “Final score will be 11-5 USA”

With just one week to go before the Partypoker Mosconi Cup 2013, we're releasing some more answers to our Mosconi Cup Quiz by all of the 10 selected players.

Today we highlight no other than US Open 10-Ball and 9-Ball Champion Rodney Morris... on his birthday! 

1 - Describe the MC in ONE word:



2 - What's your favorite MC moment?

In 2003, beating Thorsten Hohmann on Sunday the first match of the last day when we needed a big point after losing every match Saturday. Then we went on to win the cup :) ...


3 - What's your least favorite MC moment?

2011, in Vegas. My cue broke right before my first match and I didn't have a replacement and I had to use it the whole event :( ...


4 - Who do you think will be the strongest player on your team?

I think Earl will be the strongest player on our team. He hasn't played in awhile and will be pumped up like never before.


5 - Who do you think will be the weakest link in the opposite team?

I think Karl will be the weakest link, not because he's not great, but that the others are Mosconi veterans and have played in Vegas before.


6 - Tell us what the final score will be?

11-5 USA