Rodney Rocks the Dragon in Orlando

'Rocket' Rodney Morris

Trickshots, in beautiful Waterford Lakes Orlando FL, hosted the first bout in a series of challenges sponsored by Predator Cues. In this one Rodney Morris took on Charlie Williams in a race to 7 for the Florida fans.

Trickshots hosted 6 qualifiers for 6 weekends at each of their 5 locations in Central FL where each player qualified for the finale tournament to win $1000 plus the chance to take on the Rocket and The Korean Dragon in a doubles match.

Morris and Williams started with a trick shot show that seemed more like a comic relief routine as both players ribbed each other and joked with the audience. Then they entertained and kept the crowd excited and laughing with doubles and singles play with the fans.

In the more serious match, Rodney took on Charlie in a race to 7. Charlie won the lag and broke and ran the first 2 racks. Then Rocket came back and tied the match at 3-3. Rocket then captialized on a mistake and ran out to 6-3 before coming up dry and giving Dragon one more game 6-4. Williams went for a long rail bank after the break, missed, and let Rodney run out for the Predator Challenge Match win.

The next Challenge Match series of matches will be scheduled for Sept and Oct and will include match ups with Mika Immonen, Rodney Morris, John Schmidt, Thorsten Hohmann, Young Hwa Jeong, Mike Davis, & Charlie Williams.