Rodney The Rocket Morris UPA Representative

Rodney Morris
Rodney "The Rocket" Morris UPA Representative

The United States Professional Poolplayers Association (the "UPA") recently made some administrative transitions to in-affect renew the association and its presence in the pool community. One of those positive changes was to name "The Rocket" Rodney Morris (arguably one of the most recognized male pool players internationally) as the individual to take over the role of UPA's Lead Player Representative.

Mr. Morris replaces former Representative, Frank Alvarez, who is now president of the association. Rodney elaborated by saying, "I believe in the UPA, I believe in its leadership and goals. At this stage in my career I want to do my part in giving back to the industry by representing player interests."

The UPA Player Representative serves as not only a representative to the association's Touring Professionals, but also for the organization on behalf of the players. Representatives also include World Class players Tony Robles and Tony Crosby.

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