Rodriguez Wins Lucasi Hybrid from AZB Marketplace

Last month the AZB Marketplace announced that anyone who went to the marketplace and registered would be eligible to win a brand new Lucasi Hybrid Cue. The winner of this beauty is Nelson Rodriguez. Congratulations, Nelson, and we know you will enjoy that new cue. The Lucasi Hybrid Fusion (LHF 464) features the rich warmth of cocobola wood balanced against titanium white poly and comes with a Moori tip, the G5 grip, and the X-Shox Dampening System to provide greater playing comfort and shooting feel. 

AZBilliards Marketplace, through the generosity of Lucasi Hybrid Cues and the managers of the Marketplace, Seybert', will be dong this again later this year and we will be giving away two more beautiful Lucasi Hybrid Cues. Stay tuned for details as AZB, Lucasi and Seyberts team up to make your world a better place with free giveaways!