Rogers goes undefeated on Q City 9-Ball Tour

Jason Rogers worked his way undefeated through a field of 39 to capture the August 22-23 stop on the Q City 9-Ball Tour. The event was hosted by Breaktime in Cary, NC.
Rogers worked his way into the hot seat, by first defeating Paul Swinson 8-2 in a winners' side semifinal. Steve Page, in the meantime, was busy sending Matt Fralin to the loss side 10-6. With Page racing to 10, Rogers claimed the hot seat 8-8, and waited on Page's return.
On the loss side, Fralin picked up 13-year-old Peter Abatangelo, who'd defeated Andy Bowden 4-3 (Bowden racing to 6), and J. T. Ringgold 4-4 (Ringgold racing to 8). Swinson drew Bobby Clinton, who'd defeated Jason Best and Jackson Jeffrys, both 7-3, to reach him.
Fralin eliminated Abatangelo 7-2, while Clinton and Swinson locked up in a double hill battle that eventually sent Clinton against Fralin in the quarterfinals. Clinton ended up on the losing end of his second straight double hill match, which gave Fralin a second shot against Page in the semifinals.
Page and Fralin also locked up in a double hill fight, which ended with Page heading back for his second shot against Rogers in the hot seat. Rogers defeated Page a second time, by the same score he'd chalked up in the hot seat match - 8-8 - and claimed the event title.