Rose and Duffy split top prizes on Shark Billiard Tour (Stop #4)

As is often the case when a finals match is scheduled that could well finish after dawn, Nathan Rose and Les Duffy split the top two prizes on the Shark Billiard Tour, at the end of Stop #4, on Saturday, February 28 (moving into Sunday, March 1). As the hot seat occupant, Rose was the official winner of the $500-added event that drew 73 entrants to Boulevard Billiards in Ocala, FL.
Rose and Duffy did not meet in the event. By the time Rose moved among the winners' side final four, Duffy was already at work on the loss side, where he'd win eight in a row for a chance against Rose in the finals. Rose met up with Jim Udischas in one winners' side semifinal, as Richard Schau and Robert Batson met in the other. Rose and Schau met in the hot seat, after identical 8-2 wins over Udischas and Batson. Rose took the hot seat 8-3 and waited for Duffy to complete his loss-side run.
With three wins behind him on the loss side, Duffy downed Anthony Meglino 6-2 and Stu Fox 6-3 to pick up Udischas. Batson drew Dan Plumber, who'd eliminated Devin Brown 6-1 and Will Billbrey 6-1. Duffy and Plumber advanced to the quarterfinals; Duffy 6-4 over Udischas, Plumber, double hill over Batson. Duffy took the quarterfinal match 6-3 over Plumber and played his final match against Schau in the semifinals. A 6-2 win there gave him a shot against Rose that never happened. The two agreed to a split and called it a night. . morning.
In addition to the standard payouts, cash prizes were awarded to the top junior and female finishers in the event. Jim Froot, who finished in the tie for ninth, won $400 as the top junior, while Michelle Monk took home $200 as the top female. The next stop on the Shark Billiard Tour, scheduled for Saturday, April 4, will be hosted by Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor, FL.
Tour director Nick Applebee thanked Boulevard Billiards' owner Donald Kreischer and his staff for their hospitality. Applebee noted that sponsorship opportunities for the tour are available by contacting him at 904-772-4129.