Roulette Strategy in Online Casino

Roulette is one of those games (be it played on online casino or in a real one) which makes you think that you could have it all with a strategy but rather you can’t because it is mostly down to your luck.


There are thirty-seven pockets in a roulette if you are playing somewhere in Europe whereas there would be thirty-eight pockets if you find yourself on the soil of America. There are two things that mainly define the game i.e. the loss of momentum of the wheel and the centrifugal force that comes into action. When the game is played in both, the live casino online and the real one, the wheel and the marble both spin in the opposite direction to each other and as the spin ends, the marble lands in any particular pocket.


In order to avoid any distortion, the marble is changed every 8 hours so that the wearing as well as the pattern would not have any effect on the spin. And because of it, you cannot come up with any pattern to win meaning that if you bet on any number once or more than once, your chance of winning remains the same be it the online casino or the offline one.


If you are looking for a greater probability to win then you might want to go to a European online casino because of it having a lower house edge thanks to the thirty-seven pockets that it come with. In European roulette, you will find thirty-six numbers that will alternate between red and black and a green pocket that will be a zero. Coming to the American wheel, it is same with just one exception that there would be two green pockets in zero and double zero.


It does not matter where you decide to play, a land casino or an online casino, you only increase your chances of winning if you choose to end up playing in a European one. There are a lot of sites you will come across where you could choose to play online casino in a European way. Travelling with the sole purpose of playing roulette is something that not everyone can afford to do. Since, you will not be able to find any pattern in roulette to guide yourself with, the payouts will be given based on the style you placed your bet with 


There comes a lot of varieties to choose your bet from. Surfing on the internet will enlighten you about different bets and their odds to win!