Rousseau To Lead WPBA in 2010

West Palm Beach, Fla. (Jan. 6, 2010) – The WPBA has a new president - John
Rousseau. Rousseau is a recently-elected board member and ardent supporter
of the WPBA. Known by many of the WPBA players and others in the billiard
industry, Rousseau is a familiar and welcome face.

Rousseau brings years of successful business experience and management to
the board, in addition to his collegiate championships in three-cushion billiards,
14.1 and the national bowling championship. His dedication to women's pool,
along with his excitement for the future of women's pool will only enhance his
leadership. Rousseau officially took office as a board member on Jan. 1, and
already he has meetings setup with potential new venues.

“These are challenging times, as we all know. But I feel I am up to that
challenge and in fact, I welcome it!” said Rousseau. In addition to securing new
venues and sponsors, Rousseau intends to introduce new management and
business practices within the organization. “It's because of the challenges that
we face that the WPBA must begin to operate more like a business. I know that
the changes will be difficult for some, but they are necessary as we move

Rousseau is joined by three other newly-elected board members: Paul Brienza,
Tamre' Geene'-Rogers, and Mimi McAndrews. Belinda Calhoun, well-known
veteran player will continue to serve on the new board. Dawn Hopkins, WPBA
President and player, resigned. She wished the new board good luck and
stated that she had personal matters that prevented her from continuing to
serve. “We are sorry to see Dawn leave, but she remains a valuable asset to the
board and the WPBA,” Rousseau commented. Hopkins will continue to
compete on the WPBA tour, and has offered the board her assistance as time
permits. The new board will meet later this month to discuss filling the vacancy
created by Hopkins' departure, and to appoint the seventh board member at large