Roy Pastor Honored with PBIA Jerry Briesath Instructor of the Year Award

Roy Pastor

Every year, the Professional Billiard Instructors Association (formerly the BCA Instructor program) honors a PBIA instructor who has made exceptional contributions to the goals of the organization. This year, PBIA Master Instructor Roy Pastor has been selected as the winner of the prestigious Jerry Briesath Instructor of the Year Award.

“It is a tremendous honor to have been selected for the 2020 Jerry Briesath PBIA Instructor of the Year Award,” said recipient Roy Pastor. “The PBIA has set the gold standard for professional billiard instruction for a generation. There is one goal held by all successful instructors and coaches and that is to create a learning environment that provides maximum opportunity for each of our students to reach their full potential. This should not be measured in terms of trophies or accolades but rather the acquisition of discipline, work ethic, teamwork, confidence, and integrity. Accolades and success will follow each student accordingly.”

Pastor started instructing in early 2000 by teaching an after-school high school program in his home town, Harvard, Mass. After realizing the positive impact his coaching and instruction had on his students, he moved locations to an upscale pool hall in Ayer, Mass. There, Pastor expanded his services to include league competition and supervised play, all while continuing to offer free instruction to all junior players who walked through the door, regardless of ability or skill level.

“I think Roy definitely deserves this honor!,” said Michelle Jiang, one of Pastor’s former students and the 2017 and 2018 BEF National Champion. “I was not at all surprised that he would be recognized for the awesome work that I’ve personally seen him do teaching pool. Roy was my coach from the very beginning. Aside from teaching me the rules, and how to improve, he also taught me to show integrity and sportsmanship in every match. He taught me to respect my opponent, as well as to respect the sport.”

In 2005, Pastor partnered with fellow PBIA Master Instructor Walt Zincavage to run the American Academy of Billiard and Cue Sports in Ayer, Mass. Pastor continued to expand his footprint in the New England area and began working with the Weymouth Teen Center in Weymouth Mass, as well as the junior program in Somersworth, N.H. In 2018, Pastor help spearhead the PBIA’s Break and Run Premier Junior Instructional Program with the assistance of the then PBIA Committee Chair Gary Nelson.

This year, Pastor launched the American Online Pool School. This is the first pool school offering an online PBIA accreditation course, as well as other online course formats and classes. Since its inception, the school has trained and accredited PBIA instructors throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Additionally, many of the instructors accredited through this online school have volunteered their services for the Break and Run Premier Junior Instructional Program by providing free remote instruction to any junior player wanting to improve their game.

“Roy has been an outstanding instructor for many years, but his work this past year is especially noteworthy,” said PBIA Committee Chair Bob Jewett. “He developed online instruction before it was a part of the pandemic routine. His Break and Run youth program has helped young players start toward being the next generation of American champions. Congratulations Roy, this recognition is very well deserved!”

In addition to all the innovative instruction Pastor has provided over the past two decades, he annually takes about a dozen junior pool players to the BEF Junior Nationals, and three of his students have been selected to represent Team USA in the Atlantic Challenge Cup. Pastor has also sat on multiple billiard boards and committees over the past 20 years and he currently owns and operates the largest USAPL pool league in the United States, and was inducted in the New England Billiards Hall of Fame in 2017.

The PBIA Instructor of the Year Award is given annually to honor exceptional contributions by a PBIA Instructor. The PBIA will begin accepting nominations for the 2021 PBIA Jerry Briesath Instructor of the Year in the spring of next year. At such time, a nomination form will be made available on the website. The PBIA Honors Committee then reviews and evaluates all nominations to select the annual winner.

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