Ruberto Repeats at Cue Sport

17 of the strongest A/B player descended on Cue Sport Billiards in Abington, MA on October 9th. Some of the notable players in attendance included Tony Ruberto, Walter Bryska, Jason Michas, Chris Leal, Joey Dupis and Shayne Cote.

The hot seat match was between Tony Ruberto and Chris Leal. It seemes like there is no one in New England that can beat Tony Ruberto right now. He seems to go through all his competitors like a hot knife through butter and he just drilled Chris Leal. Tony broke and ran 3 racks before Chris knew what hit him. Chris tried to come back but Ruberto was just to strong and made too many good shots. Tony won the set by a score of 7-2.

In the one loss side finals, Chris might have thought he would have a cake walk back into the finals against a tired Louis Rious but that was not the case. In fact, Rious sent Leal packing with a 7-1 victory and his second straight berth into the finals. The finals would be a rematch of last week's finals. Maybe this time the turnout would be different.

This finals was all one sided. It seemed like Tony was on a mission and he won the first 5 games of the match. Louis didn't quit and won 3 games in a row to make the score 5-3. A scratch on the break by Louis allowed Tony back to the table where he won the next 3 games to make the score 8-3. Louis wasnt dead yet though. He won 3 more games to get a little closer and made the score 8-6 but that is as close as Ruberto would let him get because Tony won the next two games to claim his second victory of the year.

I would like to thank Jerry, the owner of Cue sport, for letting the Pechauer New England A/B series to have a Tour stop at such a nice room. Thanks again.

The next event will be at RI Billiards on October 23. Hope to see you all there. If you need any info on the tournament, please email me at or check our website at

Complete Payouts:
1st Tony Ruberto $445
2nd Louis Rious $250
3rd Chris Leal $100
4th Shayne Cote $75
5th/6th Jim Prather, Jason Michas $25