Rudder Proves Deadly on PxP Tour

Chase Rudder - Photo courtesy of Michael Moon Photography


Chase Rudder annihilated a talented field of 43 players at this year’s first Poison by Predator Tour 8-Ball event this past Saturday, February 23rd, 2013. An impressive Rudder hit each of his first five opponents with 3 packs, in races to 4, until he met up with former National BCA 8-Ball Champion Mike Alonzo in the finals. The event, hosted by Houston’s own Bogies Billiards, yielded a $3,200 purse with a field that produced few upsets.  The winners’ side hot seat match was narrowed down to Dallas’ own Chase Rudder and local Houston favorite, Raul Escobedo.  Just one round prior, Rudder had bested Alonzo 4-1 and Escobedo squeezed by the formidable Will Felder, 4-3. After a fourth round loss to Alonzo, Lone Star Tour Champ Andy Jethwa fought his way back to a 5th-6th finish after a  final loss to Felder, 3-0. Newcomer David Taylor sent Sonny Bosshamer west, 4-0, where he won 4 consecutive matches until Alonzo dealt him a final blow to 5th-6th. This pitted Alonzo and Felder in a final four stand-off.  Back on the east side, Rudder wasted no time with Escobedo and secured the hot seat, 4-1, while Alonzo eliminated Felder on the one-loss side, 3-2. Playing for second place, Alonzo and Escobedo fought for every shot, but it was Alonzo who emerged victorious, winning the hill game. In the finals against Rudder, Alonzo came out firing for revenge, leading the first set, 3-2. Following the break in the sixth game, Alonzo relinquished control of the table giving Rudder a shot to tie the set. After a missed opportunity by Rudder, Alonzo made a failed attempt to get back on track. Rudder answered back with a failed safety and Alonzo saw a distant ray of hope. He returned to the table one final time and shot an incredible flyer to run out and take first set, 4-2. More determined than disenchanted, Rudder pulled himself together. The first game of the second set, Rudder won the flip.  He broke hard from the center of the table and the balls scattered. With a little grind, Rudder secured the run, pocketing a difficult 8-ball to lead 1-0. A good break in a winner break format is a deadly combination, and Rudder aimed to prove it. He broke big the second game as well, pocketing one stripe but choosing the more favorable solids. Rudder meticulously cleared the table and brought his score up, 2-0. Alonzo hadn’t risen from his seat in two consecutive games as Rudder broke huge for a third time. It was the same story for Mike, as Chase pocketed a ball on the break and made quick work of the last rack. Rudder lost a total of 8 games the entire event, 4 of which were lost to Alonzo in the first set of the finals.

Many thanks to Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar, the incomparable Delta-13 Rack,, and tournament director John Newsome for making this another great event. The tour would also like to thank David Mendiola, Chris Penry, and Dave Ramirez for their administrative assistance throughout the event. The next Poison by Predator Tour event will be held at Bogies Billiards, March 24th, 2013, with Men’s and Ladies’ 9-Ball divisions. This PxP points event will double as a second chance event for the ladies of the 2013 WPBA Regional Tour Championships which will be held at Bogies, March 21st-24th, 2013.

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