Ruslan Chinahov Wins George Fels Memorial 14.1

The George Fels Memorial 14.1 Challenge at Derby City was won by Ruslan Chinahov 125-50 when he defeated Jayson Shaw in the finals. The week-long event began with players attempting solo high ruins against the ghose with no opponent firing back. The players who scored the 8 highest runs would make it to the elimination stage where they would play head-to-head against other great competitions.

The final eight consisted of Jayson Shaw, Mika Immonen, Dennis Orcollo, Nick van den Berg, Warren Kiamco, Knstantiin Stepanov, Ruslan Chinahov, and John Schmidt. Jayson Shaw had there high run of the week with a string of 227 consecutive balls. Mika Immonen came in a close second at 224.

There was $600 on offer during each day of the qualification rounds and our winners were:

Sunday: Jayson Shaw (run of 227) $300. Warren Kiamco (run of 145) $200, Nick van den Berg (run of 112) $100.
Monday: Mika Immonen (run of 224) $300. Nick van den Berg (run of 149) $200. Jayson Shaw (run of 145) $100.
Tuesday: Dennis Orcollo (run of 197) $300. Mika Immonen (run of 112) $200. Beau Runnigan (run of 93) $100.
Wednesday: Dennis Orcollo (run of 155) $300. Konstantin Stepanov (run of 96) $200. Beau Runnigan (run of 85) $100.

Then began the elimination matches. First up was John Schmidt versus Jayson Shaw. Schmidt had things well in hand and was leading the match 117-60 when he faced what should have been his final break shot. He could not seem to get comfortable with the shot and even announced to the crowd that he expected to drive the object ball “straight into the rail”. And he did. The frustration of the moment, even with such a large lead and being so close to the finish line of 125 caused him to take his stick and rake the balls to the end of the table and forfeit the match. So Shaw moved to the next round.

The next match had Warren Kiamco defeating Nick van den Berg 125-97. Then Ruslan Chinahov bested Dennis Orcollo 125-32 and Mika Immonen defeated Konstantin Stepanov 125-15.

That brought us to our semi-final matches. Russian Chinahov overran Mika Immonen 125-5 and Jayson Shaw demolished Warren Kiamco 125-15.

In the finals it was quite evident that Chinahov plays a lot more 14.1 than does Jayson Shaw. Shaw was a relying on pure firepower and Chinahov was employing standard 14.1 strategies. Chinahov took the lead early in the match and never looked back as he worked himself out to the 125-50 victory.


1 Ruslan Chinahov $4,000
2Jayson Shaw        $2,500   (+ bonus high runs $1,400) $3,900.00
3/4 Mika Immonen $1,300 ( + bonus high runs $500) $1,800
3/4 Warren Kiamco $1,300 ( + bonus high run $200) $1,500
5/8 Dennis Orcollo $900  (+ bonus high runs $600) $1,500
5/8 Nick van den Berg $900  ( + bonus high run $300) $1,200
5/8 Konstantin Stepanov $900  (+ bonus hign runs $200) $1,100
5/8 John Schmidt $500
Beau Runningen high run money $200

It was a $10,000 added event with 57 entries, the most ever, bringing the total payout to $15,700.00.