S.E. Open Tour Tournament Report

First of all we would like to thank Doug and June Murphy for a fabulous time at Murphy's Brass Rail, located in beautiful Athens Ga. It seems like every time I go to Athens, the experience just gets better and better. The staff at Murphy's are some of the best, hard working employees I have seen. It seems like they really care about people. They always seem to be there when you need them. They always keep the place spotless and clean, and keep the tables in perfect shape. So my hat comes off to them and Doug. The spectators there are very knowledgeable and fun to play in front of. We always get a tremendous crowd and player participation there. We at the J. Pechauer Tour are very happy to be a part off one of the best rooms to play at in the Southeast. We would also like to acknowledge our local charity that Doug chose for this event, The Newspaper in Education Program. This charity provides newspapers and educational aids for local schools, teachers, and students to improve literacy. We really do appreciate their contribution and efforts given to the local community. The J. Pechauer Tour donated 110.00 dollars to this local charity. They also raised some other monies in various ways to make this weekend more of a success. So thanks to them again.

Furthermore, we would also like to recognize our tournament champion and some local favorites that, in our opinion, did very well. Our winner is Bruce Berrong. In my opinion he is one of the best players out there on tour. He doesn't go to very many tour stops, but when he does he is considered to be one of the top players to beat. We would also like to acknowledge one of our female participants, Lara Rossignol. Lara received 50 dollars for her efforts. She was the highest lady finisher not in the regular prize money. Speaking about lady players, we had two other awesome lady players from The WPBA Pro Women's Tour, Helena Thornfeldt and Monica Webb. These lady's both did very well. They both got into the top 16 spots. Helena finished tied for 7th place, and Monica finished tied for 13th. One match that was awesome was when Helena defeated Tournament favorite Scotty Townsend 7 games to 0! I also had to play Helena and I barely beat her 9-7. I was super impressed with both Helena and Monica's game. They look like they play as good as anyone. Also we would like to acknowledge another local talent, David Shadden. David defeated Scotty Townsend, sending him back home. David finished in the money at 9th place. Considering this field, that is tremendous. Matt Bulfin, another local favorite, finished 17th in the money. He, in my opinion, is a much improved player. He has definitely come a long way. Thanks Matt. We would also like to thank the Athens Banner Herald for their help in this event.

Here is a list of the money winners in this event---

1st Bruce Berrong, 840.00
2nd Tommy Kennedy, 675.00
3rd Brian Tyler, 500.00
4th Mark Gregory, 400.00
5th-6th, Stanley Lingerfelt, Brian Butler, 250.00 each
7th-8th, Rod Rentz, Helena Thornfeldt 200.00 each
9th-12th, David Shadden-Robbie Daniels-T.J. Cottman-Paul Turner, 100.00 each
13th-16th, Scotty Townsend, Monica Webb, Jim Jennings, Doug Kessler, 70.00 each
17th-24th, Matt Bulfin, Horace Godwin, Dwayne Bourgeoius, Ron Park, Early Stephens, Rodney Hammock, Aaron Frady, Scott Lewis, 40.00 each.

We would also like to acknowledge our highest Jr. finisher, Ryan Highfield. He also received 50.00 for his efforts. Thank You Ryan.

So thanks again everyone for a great event. We hope to see you all again May 3rd-4th at Murphy's Brass Rail. Don't forget this weekend at Mr Cues 2, in Chamblee Tucker.

Also we would like to thank Cathy Jennings for doing most of this event for us. Thanks Kathy. T.K. From FLA.

Note: We had 76 players at this event, thanks Doug and Jerry Pechauer!