Sadowski Eats Focaccia’s Bread

Tournament Director Bill Focaccia handed the winner's check this week at the Tri-State Tour stop at Comet Billiards to Ben Sadowski after Sadowski blasted his way home through the one-loss brackets. Sadowski wasn't even on the radar screens when the final rounds began. Pete Brennan had sent him over to the one-loss side where the odds are long and everyone's eyes were on the right side of the board where Mike Polizzi, Pete Brennan, Ryan McCarthy and George Osipovitch were all in gear and primed for a win.

But Sadowski took his early loss and got stronger from that medicine. He began to surge during the one-loss round of eight. He dominated Dave Fitzpatrick 6-2 and then took the hammer to Duane Toney (6-1) in the next round. As Toney was trying to get the license number of that truck, the winners side final four was setting up the ending brackets with Mike Polizzi edging Ryan McCarthy (6-5) and Pete Brennan opening the left-bracket door for George Osipovitch (6-2).

Sadowski was brutal in the next two matches as he ended the run for both Ryan McCarthy (6-2) and George Osipovitch (6-3). When Mike Polizzi sent the last man left by beating Pete Brennan (6-2) in the hot seat match Sadowski was ready. It was Brennan who had beaten him earlier. Revenge is a dish best served cold and Brennan could only warm the chair as Sadowski barbecued him 6-1 to charge into the final round against Polizzi.

Mike Polizzi had every right to own confidence. He had not lost to anyone, had not a single scar to show for his work. But Sadowski gave him no quarter. Polizzi took the early lead at 3-1 and that only put another charge in the Sadowski force field. From that score on it was all Sadowski as he never allowed the score to improve for Polizzi and he took the win home 8-3.