Salotto Unveils Big Updates to App to Drastically Reduce User Friction and Unite Billiards Players Everywhere

Breakthrough307, LLC., a Wyoming-based angel investment group, conducts second capital raise for Salotto, an app designed to unite pool players, track stats, and find or host games that establish a Fargo rating. Breakthrough307 has seen the continued growth of the app since September 2019 and is excited to help the niche entrepreneurs Reed Merschat and Colby Frontiero expand and further develop their app.

Since its inception, Salotto has seen 17,000 matches and 116,400 games played. With continuous updates, funds from this third raise will help improve the Salotto app, provide new and exciting ways to connect with others for a game of pool and make it faster and easier than ever to play even ranked games wherever there’s a pool table. 

In late 2021, CueSports International (CSI), the BCA Pool League and USA Pool League parent company, announced Salotto as its official Find a Match app. In addition, Salotto is expanding their sponsee base, adding billiards legend Darren Appleton to their already robust ProTeam, including Daniel Schneider, Savannah ‘The RoadRunner’ Easton, Blaine Barcus, Karl Boyes, and Chris Reinhold.  

Through the latest raise with Breakthrough307, Merschat and Frontiero plan to further develop their app to increase user experience, provide nationwide connectivity through unique incentives, points-based players lists and round out their marketing efforts for continued growth. Their apps have seen over 300% growth since 2021 and have big plans to continue promoting the Salotto App globally. 

Breakthrough307’s Fund II marks a reinvigoration into entrepreneurial investment in 2021. For any questions about Breakthrough307 and the criteria for investment, please contact or 307-577-7012.

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