Sambajon Wins Cosmos Blaze Tour Stop

Amie, Cosmo Salerno and Santos Sambajon

Blaze 9 Ball Tour Stop #2 was hosted by Cosmo's Billiards. 53 players came out to play including such heavy hitters as Gandy Valle, Santos Sambajon, Liz Ford, Tom Bow, Pat McNally, Billy Kirshner, Matt Krah, Antonio Collozzi to name just a few. Special thanks to Cosmo and his wonderful staff.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Santos Sambajon with wins over Seth Harris 7-0, Al Waldo 7-1, Gandy Valle 7-4, Scott Hurley 7-3 and Joe Hong 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Mike Miller with wins over Joe Bowman Jr. 7-6, David Abraham 7-4, Randy Schwager 7-4 and Cosmo Salerno 7-4.

Playing for the hot seat was Mike Miller vs Santos Sambajon. This was a one sided match with Sambajon pulling away to a 7-4 win to get the hot seat and sending Mike Miller to the one loss side. On the one loss side, it was Gandy Valle waiting for Mike Miller. This was a great match with Gandy Valle leading 5-1 before Miller came back and shocked Gandy with a 6-5 win to get to the finals and another shot at Sambajon.

In the finals, Miller led Sambajon 7-5 but Santos stepped it up to win the next 4 games and the match 9-7 and the second stop of the Blaze 9 Ball Tour.