Sanchez-Ruiz Wins Derby 9-Ball Title

Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (David Thomson – Medium Pool)

Diamond Derby City Classic XXIII, January 21-29, 2022

Caesars Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, IN

David Thomson

LIVE from the Accu-Stats TV Arena

This just in


Fedor Gorst: 262. $20.000 

Jayson Shaw: 212.5. $3000

Filler 172.4. $2000

Each title pays $16,000 for first.


473 entrants: Race to 9; Winner breaks; No jump cues; Compliant break.

Spain vs. Germany as Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and Joshua Filler had earned their right to fight for one of pool’s most prestigious titles.

It is certainly the one that takes the most stamina.

9 days of mixing disciples from hard break to soft roll had culminated in the sold-out Accu-Stats TV Arena.

This was Francisco’s first visit to the Derby.

He had come this far. $16,000 was there for the taking.

When Francisco consolidated his lead from 4-2 to 5-2, one could sense a shift.

The transformation of Ruiz from cautious, almost timid, earlier in the week on BIG Foot, to speed skater on steroids was impressive.

He sped around the Diamond to close rack after rack.

His break was working. He hadn’t missed a makable ball. He had made shots that were thought to be safe that Joshua, always a sportsman, applauded,

Ruiz had winner written all over him: Confidence was oozing from every pore.

Soon he was 7-3 possessing an Accu-Stats Total Point Average(TPA) of .953; totally world-class.

He broke and comfortably ran out; 8-3. 

Una mas, una mas.

Breaking again–oh, oh, non-complaint.

Joshua shot from his seat.

This wasn’t his first come-from-behind stress test.

His morning began with Mieszko Fortunski who was also in front at 5-3 when he felt the might of Filler’s safety moves. 

Fortunski fell foul of four of them.

Result: 9-7 Filler with an Accu-Stats TPA of .957.

Mario He was ahead 6-3 when Filler got an opening.

The next time Mario got to the table, he was attempting to connect from a snooker..

Final score; Filler 9-6.

Josh and Shaw:  At 1 each, an 8-shot safety exchange ensued. 

Filler finally benefited from that rack and followed with a 3 pack to 5-1. 

But you know Jayson, he still has a say in the play.

He, too, ran a few racks. They parried until down 8-6 and breaking, his pesky and precarious white got kicked in the corner from nowhere.

Final score; Filler 9-6.

And, with 3 players left, Garcia, Ruiz, and Filler. After the re-draw, Filler was in the finals.*

When Filler sent Mezz’s Mario He to buy-back, he drew Roland Garcia, the last player with two lives.

Mario was truly motivated, got straight into power mode, and delivered a 9-0 molestation of Garcia.

Garcia got to buy-back, drew Mario again, and returned the compliment…well not quite, but enough to get into the last three.

Then the re-draw put him with Ruiz while Filler get promoted to the finals.

Ruiz and Garcia battled gallantly, until around the 6 apiece mark, Ruiz held his mettle to the pedal to close it out 9-6 with a tasty .888, TPA.

We are now back with Filler who has been allowed to the table after Ruiz’s non-compliant break.

Luckily, for Francisco, there was no open shot. Joshua ducked. 

Now, the safeties were favoring Francisco.

Joshua’s failed endeavor with the bridge left Francisco a long, straight shot on the 3.

With a championship on the line, we all know how intimidating they can be,

Bullseye. He was off and running…out!

And, the Derby has its first Spanish Champion.

You can be sure Francisco will be back. He has a title to defend.

Fedor Gorst didn’t have the all-around locked like we thought, but he did win it in the end. (David Thomson – Medium Pool)

*Correction: Had Jayson beaten Shane and gotten into the final, and won, as Fedor had fallen at 17th to Shane, we would have had a different All- Around Champion.

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