Sandaler & Strickland Hammer it out

Hammerheads Billiards Lounge in Holiday Florida was the host location for the Poison Tours May event. A strong field of 45 players showed up for the $1000 added Amateur event. Jimmy Sandaler would prove to be to strong on the weekend with a strong run to the hotseat with wins over Justin Logan 7-4, Daniel Mosey 7-3, Joe Pierce 7-3, James Brown 7-2, Jerry Troisi 7-4 and then a 7-4 win over Prescott Buckwold 7-4 to take the hotseat. On the one loss side Jarred Schlauch and Taz Naravane would do battle for the second time in the event in which Naravane sent Schlauch to the one loss side earlier with a 7-4 win, Schlauch however would gain his revenge with a 5-2 win to set up a semi final match with Buckwold and leave Naravane with a respectable 4th place finish. The semi final would go right down to the wire with Buckwold eventually coming out a 5-4 winner and to give himself a second shot at Sandaler in the final.

Once again Sandaler would be prove to be to strong and would come out on top with an 7-4 win over Buckwold and take first place prize and trophy.

1st Jim Sandaler $650
2nd Prescott Buckwold $400
3rd Jarred Schlauch $300
4th Taz Naravane $200
5th-6th Mark Wathen, Jerry Troisi $100
7th-8th Randy Maynor, Richard Knight $80
9th-12th Wesley White, OB Cirilo, Jake Jacobsen, James Brown

Sundays open event always attracts some great players and this Sunday would be no different with the likes of Earl Strickland, Tommy Kennedy, Mike Davis, Butch Croft to mention a few showing up.

Jacksonville's Butch Croft was looking very strong on the day as he cruised his way to the winner's side final with wins over Mandy Brisson 7-1, Prescott Buckwold 7-3, Mark Coats 7-2 and then Jason Richko 7-5 he would now meet Earl Strickland. Strickland would also cruise his way to the finals with wins over Mike Davis 7-3, Jerry Troisi 7-2, Joe Pierce 7-2 and then Jarred Schlauch 7-3. The winners side final would see Croft just struggle to get going as Strickland punished him for some early unforced errors and this would be enough to send Strickland to the hoteseat with a 7-3 win. One man looking dangerous on the one loss side would be Tommy Kennedy after taking a 7-6 loss to Jason Richko he would go on to beat Randy Maynor 6-3, Jarred Schlauch 6-1, Prescott Buckwold 6-4 and then a 6-4 win over Butch Croft to reach the final to play Strickland.

Kennedy would now have the task of trying to beat Strickland in a race to 8 to force a one rack shoot out. This is what he would do coming out playing some strong pool and breaking like a mini King Kong to take the first set 8-4. Kennedy would win the lag in the one rack shootout to take the break, He would make a ball and opt to push out leaving a very tough one ball for Strickland which he passed back, This would prove to be the right choice as Kennedy would miss the 1 ball and Strickland would run the balls out to take the match.

The tour would like to thank Hammerheads Billiards and there staff for another fantastic event, Poison Cues our title sponsors and all our other sponsors that can be viewed at . If you would like to view any of the Poison tour matches visit  for over 300 matches in the archive.

1st Earl Strickland $600
2nd Tommy Kennedy $400
3rd Butch Croft $300
4th Prescott Buckwold $200
5th-6th Jason Richko, Jarred Schlauch $100