Sandaler takes down the Port

Burl Curtwright and Jim Sandaler

Veterans Billiards in Port Charlotte Fl was the latest stop on the Poison Tour Schedule. 27 players showed up for the $1000 Added event on Saturday, The number of players showing up was lower than usual but the standard of play was very high with players like US Amateur Champion Raymond Linares, Florida State Amateur Champion David Uwate, one of the most consistent players this season Jim Sandaler to mention a few.

Saturday would kick off with some of the big guns taking early losses Raymond Linares would go down to Jim Sandaler in the 2nd round 7-4 as would his road partner David Uwate taking a loss to Rhode Island's  Normand Pincince 7-6. Jim Sandaler would now be the man to beat as he went on to record further wins over Normand Pincince 7-4 and then Bryan Davalos 7-4 to reach the winners side final. Sandaler would have to now face Julio Del Pozo for the hotseat after he recorded strong wins over Kelly Coyle 7-6, Robert Henderson 7-4, Ed Acosta 7-2 and the another hard fought win over local player Burl Curtwright 7-6 to set up the winners side final. Sandaler would waste no time in capturing the hotseat with a solid 7-3 win over Del Pozo.

While all this was going on the one loss side was heating with clash of the big guns Raymond Linares taking out road partner David Uwate 5-1 but this win would be short lived as Linares would crash out to local player Trey Jankowski 5-3. The strong crew of Miami players though would have one man on a mission Felix Luna was making his way back through the one loss side after taking a 7-4 loss to Burl Cartwright Luna would go onto record wins over Travis Lasswell 5-3, Dan Boone 5-1, Normand Pincince 5-3, Jonathon Wing 5-3 his run would come to an end with a 5-2 loss to Burl Curtwright to leave Luna in 5thplace and back for Sundays Play. Sunday morning would see Burl Curtwright record a 5-3 win over Trey Jankowski which would also put him straight in the final with Julio Del Pozo unable to make it back Sunday morning.

The final would be all one way traffic with Sandaler coming out strong and never letting up to record a 7-2 win to take the title and leave Curtwright in a respectable 2nd place.