Santos Sambajon Jr. Spots the whole field 3 games on the wire at Viking Tour Stop

Santos Sambajon Jr, Bill Ryan (Owner), Noy Vichiensaen

December 8th and 9th The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was in River Grove, IL at Chris's Cue Phoria Billiards where a total of 60 players came out to compete in the events. In the Open Division there were 28 Players and 32 in the Amateur Division. The Event had 15 free Women participants and 1 junior this weekend and 5 Pool League Player that took advantage of the Viking Tours discount programs that are geared to bringing new players into tournament competition and enhance the growth of cuesports.

The Open Division payouts:

1st Santos Sambajon Jr. $1,375
2nd Noy Vichiensaen $ 750
3rd Sergio Perez $ 500
4th Tom Spencer $ 250
5th/6th Ken Lee $ 100
Ike Runnels $ 100
7th/8th Shawn Putnam $ 55
Henry Brodt $ 55

The pathway to the Finals in the Open Division:

Santos Sambajon Jr. rolled thru the bottom half of the bracket undefeated sending all of his opponents to the one loss side, he began his journey defeating Nicole Hernandez 9-2; Joe Kendrigan 9-5; Sergio Perez 9-5; Tom Spencer 9-5; And Noy Vichiensaen to win the hot seat; he then faced Noy Vichiensaen again in the finals defeating him 9-3 to win the Open Division.

Noy Vichiensaen took 2nd place and was sent to the one loss side after 5 rounds where he eliminated several players to face Santos for the hot seat . Dawson began the Division with wins over Henry Brodt 9-7 ; Ron Sheppard 9-3; Eddie Balderos 9-3; Ike Runnels 9-3 Before running into Santos who sent him to the one loss side where he defeated Sergio Perez 7-3 setting him up to face Santos in the finals.

The Amateur Division Payouts:

1st Ponc Cruz $640
2nd Tommt Hernandez $390
3rd Neal Jacobs $250
4th Bob Romano $100
5th/6th Mervyn Chan $ 45
Scott Cohen $ 45

The Pathway to the Finals:

Both Ponc Cruz and Tommy Hernandez remained in the Winner side of the Bracket until they faced in the hot seat finals. Ponc Cruz defeated Tommy 7-5 to win the hot seat ! Ponc defeated Don Prince 7-0; Luis Colon 7-1; Don Daly 7-2; Neal Jacobs 7-6; And Tommy Hernandez 7-5 to win the hot seat !

Tommy Hernandez defeated Donna Koste 7-0; Roy Peck 7-0; Scott Cohen 7-6; Bob Romano 7-4; setting him up to face Ponc in the Hot Seat match where he was defeated 7-5 sending him to face Neal Jacobs in the Semifinals where he was victorious 5-4 sending him back to face Ponc Cruz in the finals where Ponc defeated Tommy hill/hill 7-6 in the finals

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank room owner Bill Ryan and all the players that participated and supported the event at Chris's Cue Phoria !