Saratoga in Saratoga

A tough field of 32 players gathered at Duke's Bar & Grill in Saratoga, Wyoming Friday night, April 1 to try out the new game of “Saratoga.” This was no April fool's. Over a hundred players are in town for the fourth annual Platte Valley Open which kicked off earlier at Platte Valley Community Center. The heavy weights included “The Rocket” Rodney Morris, Raj Hundal, and Charlie Williams, who are all in town for an exhibition and teaching clinic after the weekend. Also playing in the mini are Glenn Atwell, Marc Vidal, Mark Haddad, and Melissa Little.

Saratoga is an innovative new pocket billiard game created by tournament director, E.J. Glode. Glode, an avid 8-ball player enjoyed playing rotation with 13 balls when a friend suggested he combine both games and Saratoga was born. The game is played racked without the 7 and 15 balls, leaving the back corners empty. Each player runs their suit in rotation, finishing with the 8 ball. 8 ball break is a win and 3-foul is in effect. “I like it. It's a fun game, especially on the small table,” said Morris.

It was a full field with single-elimination, race-to-4, alternate break format. The players enjoyed the new game and toward the end, they were picking up on the strategy. In the end, Morris and Williams both went undefeated to split in the finals. Vidal tied for third after eliminating Hundal to meet up with Morris. Top shooter from Denver, Tony Piazza also finished in third after his run was ended by Williams.

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