Saturday Complete For Stan James in Toronto

Alain Martel could now take over the tour points lead

The first day of play at Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto found 64 players kick off play at 11 AM. By the end of the day only twelve remained in play to return on Sunday. The biggest surprise of the day was that Edwin Montal, who had appeared to be a lock for the first place position on the year-ending points list, fell victim to a touch of ill health and could not get his game together. Eliminated from play after the third round, Montal can now be caught and passed for the all-important points lead by Alain Martel.

Of the twelve remaining players four have yet to suffer a loss while eight are on the nervous side of the chart and only have a single barrel left. The four undefeated players returning for Sunday are Mario Morra and his son John, Tyler Edey and Danny Hewitt. The eight sticks on the one-loss side belong to Jason Klatt, Jeff Kennedy, John Jorgenson, Alain Martel, Andrew Attard, Erik Hjorleifson, Luc Salvas and Marcel Gauvreau.

For those who would like to follow the final day most closely live match by match scoring will be available at the official tour website Our thanks go out to our hosts at Shoooters as well as tour sponsors Stan James Bookmakers (, Aramith billiard balls, Layani Custom Cues, AZBilliards, Canada Billiards and Bowling and Simonis Cloth.