Save 20% on US Open Room at Red Roof

AZBilliards and Red Roof Inn are teaming up to save you some dough. Red Roof has made all of our readers members in the AZBilliards Group Discount plan whereby you will get a 20% discount off of the best available rate. Plus, Red Roof will donate 1% of your stay to the Pro Player Travel Fund! So you get to save money and assist the pro game at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

And this is so simple. Here is how it works: When you book your reservations using volume plus number 602763, you'll save 20% off Red Roof Inn's Best Available rate.  

Red Roof Inn's volume plus number works just like an online coupon code. If you go through directly, all you have to do is enter 602763 in the VP+ / ID # slot.  You can also make reservations at the hotel directly, 800-Red Roof, or contact our sports group department at 248-398-0274. There is no need to show a card at check in.   

The Red Roof Inn for the USOpen is the one at 724 Woodlake Dr. just across from the convention center in Chesapeake. If you wish to talk directly with them their number is: 757-523-1826.

This program is not limited to the US Open or to just this Inn in Chesapeake. The discount is good at ANY Red Roof Inn at any time. And the 1% donations will help deliver our pros to events overseas to represent the USA. A tip of the AZB hat goes out to Red Roof Inn and all of you who will choose to stay with them on your travels away from home.