Schedule Change for The World Tournament of 14.1 & Warm-Up Event

New Brunswick, New Jersey-  Dragon Promotions is making preparations for Hurricane Irene and possible issues caused by the impending storms. Players and fans are not to worry though, the event will go on this week. The 14.1 Warm-Up Tournament originally scheduled for Amsterdam Billiard Club will be moved to Sunday August 28 with players meeting at 2pm. The main event, 71st World Tournament, will begin with a players meeting at 9am on Monday morning August 29th.  The event will stay on schedule to end on September 2. 
Fans will still be able to watch world class straight pool action Sunday with stars such as Thorsten Hohmann, Mike Sigel, John Schmidt, Jose Parica, Johnny Archer, Alex Pagulayan, Stephan Cohen, Rodney Morris, Kunihiko Takahashi, Ralf Eckert, Mike Davis, Max Eberle, Charlie Williams,  and many more competing.

All fans and players of any skill level can join in the Warm-Up for $75 and get a rare opportunity to play in the main arena of The World Tournament. The Olhausen Tables with Andy Cloth and Aramith Balls will be new so come out and experience the feeling of world class 14.1 action with the pros at The Hyatt Regency!

Both tournaments are sponsored by Dr. Michael Fedak and Amsterdam Billiard Club. Predator Is the Official Cue of the events.

"It's really unfortunate timing for this storm to hit on our big day with the pros, but stuff happens. We apologize to the fans and players but are happy to still support both events in New Jersey", explained Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards. New York City and much of New Jersey Has mandatory evacuation and major roads are being closed down, along with all mass transit. Despite this, Greg Hunt, of Amsterdam Billiards and from Dr. Michael Fedak will add $3000 into the  Warm-Up one day event.

The bottom line: The best straight pool action will still be ongoing all week and everyday!

Sandcastle Billiards will be inviting all the pros and fans over for a night of fun Saturday August 27th. Located only 5 minutes away from the Hyatt Regency, for a mere $20 gets you in to play pool free all night. Starting Sunday through Friday just bring your Official Program Book of the World Tournament of 14.1 and you will get the same special all week! Call 732-632-9277

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