Schjodt again in Orlando

Debbie Schjodt and Niki Rasmussen

KBP took the Fury Florida Ladies Amatuer 9-Ball Tour to Pro Billiards, in Orlando, Fl. on Saturday September 18, 2004 for a one day $300 added event. Since the Florida Ladies Amateur events were started in April of this year we have seen some real competitive ladies with some strong playing abilities.

Debbie Schjodt, points leader sent Barbara Ellis, 8th place points runner, to the west side while Helene Caukin was sent over by new comer Courtney Borge in another grueling match up. Barbara was not deterred in her quest to stay in the top 8 points and continued on to now be in 6th place for points. Ellis and Caukin met up for a match but Caukin proved that she too was wanting to score by leaving Barbara in 7th/8th place.

Hill-hill matches seemed to be abundant through out most of the tournament showing that the level of play was as much equal as could possibly be. Jennifer Nelson and Niki Rasmussen played their winners side match all the way with a hill-hill score of 7-6, which sent Nelson to the one loss side. Schjodt faced off with Borge in a hill-hill match that sent Borge to the west side.

The hill-hill trend seem to break when Rasmussen and Jessica Barnes met up and Rasmussen sent Barnes to the one loss side in a 7-4 match. Barnes then faced off with Caukin where Barnes was place in 5th/6th spot. The other 5th/6th spot went to Borge, who earlier kept steady with points leader Scjodt, was defeated by Nelson on the one loss side in a 5-3 match.

Nelson and Caulkin met up for the first time in this event to fight to see who was going to be placed in the 4th place spot. Caukin jumped out into the lead with 3 games up before Nelson was able to get a game in bringing the score up to 3-1. Caukin took control of the table from that point on and left Nelson in 4th with 5-1.

Hot seat match was exactly that as the two friends, Schjodt and Rasmussen, faced off. The battle showed that neither one took complete control of the table as the play shifted from one to the other. The intense match prove that Rasmussen had her sites set on the winners bracket when she finished the match off sending Schjodt to the losers bracket with a 7-5 victory.

The match for 3rd looked like another hill match with Caukin and Schjodt meeting up but after the 2-2 score Schjodt was determined to rematch with Rasmussen and took the lead. Caukin was able to get one more game in before Schjodt took control and won 5-3.

The battle was on now to see who would unleash their FURY to take home the win in the race to 9 finals match when Schjodt was now in her rematch with Rasmussen. Schjodt jumped into the lead with 3-0 but Rasmussen kept her cool and played steady winning the next game, but could not keep control of the table. Schjodt and Rasmussen still seemed to be trading plays on the table but Rasmussen could not get the balls to roll in her favor. Schjodt was able to get six games up on Rasmussen before she was able to take one more game. The match continued on where Schjodt was able to get the next 2 games to go in her favor even with Rasmussen getting several chances to take over. The final game was a break and run out for Schjodt leaving her with another Fury victory with a 9-2 win.

Complete Results
1st place: Debbie Schjodt $180
2nd place Niki Rasmussen $100
3rd place Helene Caukin $ 60
4th place Jennifer Nelson $40