Schjodt earns another Fury win

Tournament Director Karen Alford, Debbie Schjodt, Helene Caulkin

Debbie Schjodt again showed that Fury was not the only thing that was unleashed in Florida at the KBP Fury Florida Ladies Amateur 9-Ball event when she took first place in the $300 added event. The Fury Florida Ladies Amateur 9-Ball tournament was held at Capone's Billiards located in Springhill, Florida on August 28, 2004. The field of players have been small for the first season of Fury Florida Ladies Amateur 9-Ball events but they are determined to keep playing and showing that they are great competitive players.

Schjodt was working her way through the top of the bracket coming up against players such as Ellen Van Buren, sponsored by Sports Den Billiards, Lee Ann Sapp and Jennifer Nelson. Van Buren beat Niki Rasmussen in their first match 7-3, moved on the beat Stephanie Mitchell 7-5 before Schjodt sent her to the one loss side with a score of 7-6. Van Buren then lost her next match to Jennifer Prost where she was left in 5th/6th .

While Schjodt worked through the top of the bracket Helene Caukin was playing the bottom of the bracket. With a bye to help her along she beat Tammy Gillis and Amy Poulter to be able to meet Schjodt in the hot seat.Helen Caukin has been steadily improving with each event she has participated in and it really showed when she was put up against Schjodt sending her to the one-loss side with a 7-6 victory. They began the hot seat match with a 1-1 score and kept it going as Schjodt got up on Caukin with a 3-1 lead. After that the game was matched up for these two competitive players as they switched the lead till Caukin was able to come out front.

Jennifer Nelson after her loss against Debbie Schjodt (7-5) went to the west side to win against Stephanie Mitchell 5-0, Amy Poulter (5-2) but could hold her wins when she met up with Jennifer Prost who left Nelson in 4th place with a score of 5-2.

Schjodt after being put on the losers side had her work cut out for her when she had to face Jennifer Prost who was another of Schjodt's victims and was left in 3rd place. This win against Prost gave Schjodt another chance for the title of 1st place and another chance against Caulkin. Caulkin jumped ahead with 3-2 but Schjodt fought back when she got 3 games up in her favor 5-3. A fantastic bank shot player Caulkin attempted to control the table but Schjodt was again a force to be reckoned with when she ended up ahead in the end winning 9-4.

1st Debbie Schjodt $350
2nd Helene Caulkin $170
3rd Jennifer Prost $60
4th Jennifer Nelson