Schmidt sails through the Emerald Coast Open 9 Ball

This semi-annual classic event was held at Starcade Billiards in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on the beautiful Emerald Coast. Seventy-one top players from around the country came to compete for the top prize. Owners Andy, Robin and Peggy did another wonderful job making sure this tournament was in a class of its own, 100% payback, no hidden fees, $1500 added, and wonderful food and service!

Up-and-coming Stoney Stone defeated David Grossman 9-8 leaving David in 3rd place and earned a second chance to defeat Schmidt in the finals.

John Schmidt got out to an early lead 7-4 in the final race to12. He got a little careless with position from the 8 to the 9 and handed Stoney the game. A few minutes later Stoney was leading 9-7. When Schmidt got another shot, he ran 4 racks to get to the hill first, but faltered on the 5th rack, and Stoney ran out that game and the next to join John on the hill. Stoney broke and ran to the 6, where he got the perfect angle to get to the 7. But the adrenaline was flowing hard, and Stoney over-amped the position and hooked himself behind the 8. He kicked and hit the 7, but left an easy out for Scmidt.

Stoney played an excellent tournament. Everyone in the house, except Stoney, knew Schmidt was the favorite going into the finals. Stone took home $960 for 2nd place and Grossman took $610 for 3rd.

John Schmidt went through a tough field undefeated, and was seriously challenged only by Stone. John certainly lived up to his reputation as a smooth stroker, and earned a well-deserved $1640 and 1st place.

1st John Schmidt $1640
2nd Stoney Stone $960
3rd David Grossman $610
4th Josh Hillard $400
5th Pablo Matheu $250
5th Tyler Strawn $250
7th Tommy Kennedy $150
7th Jim Jennings $150
9th Greg Leggs $100
9th Billy Amoroso $100
9th Matt Kimbrough $100
9th Larry Hayes $100
13th Mike Pierce $60
13th David Broxson $60
13th Joey Aguzin $60
13th Richie Richeson $60