Schmidt Tops 14.1 Field

John Schmidt has won the Predator 14.1 World Tournament by defeating Efren Reyes 200-169. After some early safes Schmidt took first bite of the score bead with a run of 107 while Reyes had but 5. After a few fairly unproductive innings Schmidt missed a long cut and Reyes ran 32. After Smitty returned that with a run of ten the score was Schmidt 125 and Reyes 54.

Then, after getting the table back when Schmidt missed a predictable straight-line shot on the two ball, Reyes put together a package and ran 112 balls to lead the match 166-125. Schmidt immediately fired back with a 21 and then played nip and tuck until he got the table for the final run of 51 and out to take the tournament title home!

Congratulations to John Schmidt for a great win and to Dragon Promotions for another successful tournament.