Scott and McGovern Split Stingers’ Six Pocket Event

Ed Scott and Mike McGovern
28 players from around the Valley showed up for Sophia Morquecho's novel new 6Pocket tournament at Stingers Saturday, April 30. It was match play format with each player shooting seven alternating racks. Players rack their own, break  wide open, and run the table until they miss.  One point per ball and highest point total wins.   It was also handicapped with lower rated players getting 5 extra points per rating level. Interestingly, the cross-level matches were much tighter with the spot than same-level matches with no spot.
Tournament highlights included Aaron Purdys near perfect 104. Aaron rattled his 15th ball in the first rack and then went on to run six perfect racks. Chuck Parrill had the second highest string with five perfect racks in a close match with Oscar Avila Sr. that he actually lost by one point.  Joe Nicita and several other players strung 4 perfect racks. Eight rated Mike McGovern went straight to the hill undefeated. Ed Scott lost his second match to Aaron Purdy after starting his first two racks with a total of two points, but went on to win seven matches on the losers side and then win the first set in the finals. Ed and Mike called it quits at that point and decided to share the Arizona State 6Pocket title as co champions. 
Payouts were: 
1/2 Mike McGovern $355
1/2 Ed Scott $555 (w sides) 
3 Aaron Purdy $240
4 Oscar Avila Jr $170 (great tournament by 6 rated player)
5/6 Pete Barrios $65
5/6 Matt Koskella $65
Many thanks to Mark Griffin and Dick Clark from the National 6Pocket organization who sponsored the event and Dale at Stingers Sports Bar who sponsored and hosted this new event.