Scott Freeman Wins Blaze Stop 17

Scott Freeman

They say the mice will play when the cat's away, and with tour heavyweight Mike Davis at the IPT's North American Open 8-Ball Championship, the rest of the field all tried to boost their rankings.

Appearing for only his second stop, Scott Freeman swept through the competition to take first place. This stop was hosted by Ivory Billiards in York, PA, July 23 and boasted a respectable 31-entry field.

Charging through the winners' side, Freeman met Ryan McCreesh in the hot seat match, where McCreesh slipped by double-hill 7-6. On the one-loss side, Dick Magarro, one of the senior members on tour, played out another close call, eliminating the tour's number-two-ranked player, Matt Krah, double-hill.

Magarro was now on a roll, but he was faced with a brick wall by the name of Freeman, who sent Magarro packing 6-5 as he sought a rematch against McCreesh. Freeman pounded the cooling McCreesh 9-3 to take the match and title.

1st Scott Freeman $640
2nd Ryan McCreesh $360
3rd Dick Magarro $280
4th Matt Krah $200
5th/6th Mike Young, Billy Kirschner $140
7th/8th Gary Barnish, Derek Schwager $80