Seaver comes back from the loss side to take second stop on Flamingo Tour


In the final, double elimination portion of the Flamingo Tour's second stop, Jeannie Seaver was moved to the loss side by Kelly Cavanaugh, but came back to defeat Jessica Barnes in the finals. The $250-added event drew 31 entrants to Amy's Billiards in Stuart, FL.

The double elimination portion of the event came down to four players each; Barnes, Cassidy Mulligan, Kelly Cavanaugh and Kira Brown on the winners' side, and Seaver, Jennifer Page, Susan Roberts and Kathleen Lawless on the loss side. Barnes advanced with victories over Alicia Borjas, Kelly Coyle and moved among the final four winners with a double hill win over Page. Brown's route took her through Jennie Samuel, Shanelle Loraine and a 7-4 win over Nicolle Cuellar. Mulligan defeated Rose Guarnero, Susan Martin and survived a double hill match against Lawless. Cavanaugh defeated Darlyne Petrovic, Alicia DeAzrue and sent Seaver west in a double hill win.

On the loss side, Seaver, Page and Lawless faced only a single opponent to move among the single-elimination group of eight. Seaver got by Kelly Coyle 5-1, Page downed Jennie Samuel 5-3 and Lawless eliminated Petrovic 5-1. Joining them was Susan Roberts, who'd won two on the loss side before surviving a double hill match against Cuellar to move among the final eight.

In the opening, single elimination round, Seaver drew Mulligan, Barnes picked up Lawless, Cavanaugh squared off against Page, and Brown met Roberts. Seaver edged Mulligan double hill and moved into a semifinal matchup against Cavanuagh, who'd earned a forfeit (illness) win over Page. Roberts downed Brown 7-3, and was met by Barnes, who'd given up only a single rack in her match against Lawless.

Roberts put up a fight against Barnes, forcing a deciding 13th game. Barnes prevailed to face Seaver, who'd defeated Cavanaugh 7-3. In the single race to 7, Seaver chalked up a 7-4 win to claim the event title.

Tour Director Mimi McAndrews thanked Amy Poulter and her staff at Amy's Billiards for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Z-9 Billiard Cloth and Boynton Billiards. The next stop on the Flamingo Tour, a $250-added event, is scheduled for April 13th at Cunningham Billiards in Vero Beach, FL.