Seaver wins second in a row on Tiger Florida Tour

Jeannie Seaver, Rocky Hockman (room manager) and Crystal McCormick
It's something of a stark reminder that most regional pool tours reward a combination of performance and participation. You can shoot lights out and rank below a lesser-skilled player who has competed in every stop on a tour. Jeannie Seaver won her second straight stop on the Tiger Florida Tour, going undefeated through the tour's modified double-elimination tournament on the weekend of August 9-10, but made little headway in the tour rankings, where she is currently in third place, behind April Wallen and Crystal McCormick. Kelly Cavanaugh, Cassidy Mulligan and Lisa McElroy are behind them. They all signed on to the sixth stop on the tour, a $500-added event that drew 25 entrants to Wally's in Lakeland, FL, and all made it into the final eight/money rounds.
Emerging from the double elimination proceedings for a re-draw to single elimination were Seaver, Cavanaugh, Wallen and Stephanie Mitchell on the winners' side. Advancing from the losers' bracket were Mulligan, McElroy, McCormick and Michell Monk. The quarterfinal matchups were hotly contested, with two of them going double hill and the other two falling just a game short of double hill.
Cavanaugh downed Mulligan, while Mitchell eliminated McElroy, both via the double hill route. Seaver defeated Monk while McCormick finished Wallen, both 7-5. 
Seaver chalked up another 7-5, this one over Cavanaugh to advance to the finals. She was joined by McCormick, who finished McElroy's day 7-4. Seaver punctuated her undefeated run with a 7-1 victory over McCormick.
Tour director Mimi McAndrews thanked owner (Jim Thomas), manager (Rocky Hochman), and the staff at Wally's for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Tiger Products, Ozone Billiards, and Boynton Billiards. The next (and last) stop on this year's Tiger Florida Tour will be their 6th Annual Cues for the Cure event, at which participants arrive, dressed in pink and prepared to play a series of fund-raising games between themselves and spectators. The event is held to benefit the South Florida affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The event will be hosted by Amy's Billiards in Stuart, FL on October 18.