Second leg of the Legends and Champions Pool Tour

After the successful first leg of the Legends and Champions Pool Tour with Johnny (The Scorpion) Archer and Earl (The Pearl) Strickland in New Mexico, Mark Cantrill announced today the schedule for the second leg of the tour. The second leg will begin on July 15th at “Nice Rack Billiards” in San Diego, California. The Legends and Champions Pool School will be taught by both Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland and will be accepting students of all skill levels. The School is limited to only twelve student per class and divided into two groups of six. Each group will spend two hours with Johnny Archer and then two hours with Earl Strickland. “We agree that this small group and intimate setting allows both Earl and I to evaluate each players speed and be able to give them the one on one attention that will improve their game” said Archer.

The four hour pool school will begin at 11.00 am and end at 3.00 pm, The fee for all locations is $200.00 per student for the full four hours. Some of the locations on the Tour will also host an exhibition or challenge match in the evening, if you are interested in participating in any of the Legends and Champions Pool Schools or have any questions please email Mark Cantrill at with your name and direct phone number. The Legends and Champions Pool Tour will be at the following locations.

July 15th = San Diego, California at Nice Rack Billiards
July 16th = L.A, California at Stixx Billiards
July 18th = Mountain View, California at Shoreline Billiards
July 19th = Sacramento, California at Hard Times Billiards
July 20th = Redding, California at Hot Shots Family Billiards,
July 21nd = Medford, Oregon at The Break Room and Rackem  
July 23th = Portland Oregon at Sam's Billiards,
July 24th = Seattle, Washington at Malarkey's Pool & Brew/Full Splice Billiards,

There are also special features planned in the evening in San Diego, Sacramento, Redding, Medford and Portland more details to follow.

All Pool Schools require a minimum of 10 students.