Seminole Pro Tour is Tough Action This Week

The Seminole Pro Tour event being held this week at Snookers in Rhode Island features a very strong field that now counts many champions amongst the walking wounded. A quick look at the brackets shows that some big names have already booked their ticket home including Dennis Hatch, Stevie Moore, Corey Deuel, Ernesto Dominguez and Earl Strickland.

The heroes still standing have some tough action ahead. On the one-loss side Mike Dechaine has to take on Oscar Dominguez, Johnny Archer will face Hunter Lombardo, Thorsten Hohmann will have to tackle John Morra and Shawn Putnam has to go up against Shane Van Boening.

The Winner's side is just as tough. Darren Appleton will play Brandon Shuff and Rodney Morris will take on Alex Pagulayan in a match that promises to be not only excellent pool but extremely entertaining as well. These two fan favorites are anything but robotic. They share their emotions with the fans and they have lots of emotion to share.

Check out the PPV at AZBilliards will let you know how things turn out for all of the great players competing this weekend.