Seminole Pro Tour Now Underway at Diamond Billiards

Play has now begun in the Seminole Pro Tour event at Diamond Billiards in Cape Coral, FL. The draw for the opening round allowed for a couple of really good matches as Corey Deuel had to take on Robb Saez right out of the gate and Tony Crosby found himself, with a badly broken hand, playing Shane Van Boening. According to Event Coordinator and Producer Gerry Mayen, Corey Deuel played near flawless pool and managed to dominate Saez 7-3.  But Tony Crosby defined 'heart' in his match against Van Boening. Playing with an obvious handicap, Crosby managed to hang in there until he trailed 6-4 in the race to seven games. Many players would have let their hearts drop and accept the inevitable. But Crosby stayed in the match and tied Van Boening at 6 apiece to own the break and have a shot at the win. An errant 5 ball cost him the game and the match as Van Boening reached down and grabbed his 'never-fail' stroke to own the rest of the table and the victory 7-6.

Other action around the room saw Neil Fujiwara winning 7-5 over Allison Fisher and Rodney Morris overpowering Monster John Rouse 7-4. Of interest, 12-year old Andrew Crewis took down Felix Luna 7-5 but was unable to surpass Frank Strain and dropped that match 7-5. The player who is turning heads in these early stages is Mike Davis. He has played Hans Berber and Kelly Lake and won both of those matches 7-0. So no one yet has laid a glove on Mr. Davis.

Continued coverage of this Seminole Pro Tour event will continue throughout the weekend. AZBilliards wishes to give a tip of the hat to the Seminole Tribe of Florida for their creation and maintenance of this tour.