Seminole Tour Gets Big Matchups Today

Round three will bring some interesting match-ups to the table today at the Fiddlestix Seminole Pro Tour event. On the winner's side Alex Pagulayan will battle Darren Appleton. James Roberts will face off against Earl Strickland after both men won their previous matches from the hill.

Jason Klatt will find himself pitted against countryman John Morra while Johny Archer will be at war with Thorsten Hohmann. John Schmidt, making a rare tournament appearance, will face Brandon Shuff while Corey Deuel will find himself against Mike Dechaine. Finally, Rodney Morris will duke it out with Ernesto Dominguez.

On the nervous side of the brackets some good players will be sheathing their cues for the last time since Shawn Putnam will face fellow Georgian Stevie Moore and Jesse Engel will dance someone's last dance with Oscar Dominguez. Ike Runnels will have to fade Hunter Lombardo.

You can follow the action on the brackets or the PPV live stream at