Senna takes N.E. A/B Season Finale

Rich Senna

Seventeen of the toughest A/B players descended on snookers billiards in Providence RI for the season finale of the New England A/B Series Tour. Some of the top players in the tournament were Shane Cote, Chris Leal, Paul Dryden, Tye Speedwell, Rich Senna, Ivo Petrov and Joe Dupree.

Winners side semi final #1 saw a newcomer to the tournament, Dave Lemay, taking on Joey Dupree, Joey just came off a 3rd place finsh at the joss tour last week, but that didn't intimdate Dave Lemay one bit. Lemay came out firing and jumped out to a 5-0 lead before Joey knew what hit him. Joey started to grind and he made it 5-5 and then made a breaking eror and Dave ran out to make it 6-5 and then won the next game to win the set 7-5.

The finals on the winners side came down to local player Rich Senna, who they call the cash cow, and Dave lemay. This match was the total opposite of Lemay's previous match. Lemay was down 5-0 before he could blink a eye, the other difrence was that Lemay couldnt get any momentum going and Senna dominated this match and beat him 7-2.

The finals on the one loss side was between Dave Lemay and Ivaylo Petrov. Petrov came out to 3-0 lead and Joe tried to come back with a run out to make it 3-1 but a miss on the 6 ball cost him that game and he went down 4-0. This turned out to be too much for Lemayto to come back from and he eventually lost the match 7-3. This set up a rematch between Senna and Petrov who played in a final match earlier this season where Petrov came out on top.

the Final match was a race to 11 games that featured a lot of safty play. It was like a horse race that went neck and neck for the first 14 games. At 7-7, Petrov made a bad safety attempt and Rich made his move to win the next 2 games to make it 9-7. Petrov wasn't done yet as he won a game to make the score 9-8. Another safety error by Petrov opened the door for Rich again and he capitalized to win the game and take a 10-8 lead. Petrov made one last charge and won the next game to get back to 10-9, but he got very unlucky in this next game when a Senna miss on the 6-ball left Petrov safe and stuck with a tough kick shot. Petrov missed the kick and Rich ran out the rest of the balls for his first title of the season.

1st Rich Senna $580
2nd Ivayloa Petrov $330
3rd Dave Lemay $180
4th Joe Dupree $40

I would like to thank everyone who played in all my events this year and hope to see them in the future. Thanks again all the support. Out next event is $200 added on May 15th at Mickeys in Holbrook Ma. If anybody needs info on this event, please email me at