Sergey Lutsker Player Interview

Sergey Lutsker
With the lack of events to report on at the moment, we are teaming with the Supr Charged Agency to feature interviews with various European and American players. Hopefully this will give all of the readers a chance to get to know these players better. 
This time, we have Russian youth Sergey Lutsker.
Sergey Lutsker
Started playing where and age?
I am started play pool at 10 in the great billiard club “Modus vita” Moscow.
How is the pool community in Russia?
We have a lot of good and top players and really good young guys who will play on the top level in 5 years. I think Russian team is one of the best in Europe now.
Who was your inspiration/idol when you were younger? (and why?)
I really like Efren. It looks so easy when he plays pool and everyone likes him. I really like my teammate Fedor Gorst and Joshua Filler. They have different styles but very effective in the game.
I think these two guys will be on top for next years.
What are your greatest accomplishments? Tell us about the feeling of those wins.
I really like my win on the Russian championship 8 ball when I played with big temperature all the week and beat Stepanov on semifinal from 4:7 and Fedor hill-hill in the final.
How often did you practice at early age and how often now?
At early age, 3 hours 4 times per week. Last 4 years, 3-5 hours 6 times a week. I like play with ghost but no ball in hand and play matches between my teammates. I mostly practice pocketing and my safety game.
What should newcomers practice most?
- Stroke
- How you see the line
- Feeling
What is your favorite game and why?
I like 9-ball because it is very fast game and most popular now.
Is fitness important for pool players?
Sure. Cardio training is most effective for pool players.
Who has the best stroke in pool today?
I really like Fedor and Melling.
How is your mental strength?
Not ideal. I need to work a lot to control my emotions.
How important is the equipment?
Very important. I am playing with best Mezz cues. Using a TAOM glove and tip which is the best on the market.
Your thoughts on the outcome of Mosconi Cup 2019?
This was absolutely Johan’s win against Europe. They were better than Europe so it’s an expected finish.
What are your goals for 2020?
I just hope to play in any tournaments because nobody knows when covid-19 will be finished.
Who will win? 
- World Cup of Pool
- US Open
- 9-ball WC
Chang Jung Lin
- 2020 Mosconi Cup