Shane Leads the Way

Shane Van Boening

Shane Van Boening looks to be the top dog here at the Seminole Pro Tour Stop in Cape Coral Florida. With only five games totaled in the loss column, Shane seems to be making everything look flawless. His victims include Louis Smith 7-2, James Roberts 7-1, and Neil Fujiwara 8-2. Now in the final four on the winner's side, Shane is set to play Larry “The Truth” Nevel, first thing on Sunday.

The other winner's side pairing finds Josh Lewis as a major underdog against world champion, “The Iceman” Mika Immonen. Mika, who survived an 8-6 nail biter against “The Sniper” Tony Crosby, will undoubtedly bring his top form tomorrow.

In other exciting news, Corey Deuel, who's won the last two events, has been eliminated in heartbreaking fashion. Being on the hill against Charlie Williams and leading 6-2, Corey makes the case 10 ball and scratches two-rails in the corner. From there he would witness his lead disappear. His near stranglehold turned into nothingness as “The Korean Dragon” Charlie Williams, mounted a comeback and eventually took the match with a phenomenal hill-hill win.

The loser's side is an endeavor that no one wants to fall into. Present on the B-side is World champion Johnny Archer, Charlie Williams, Stevie Moore, and Mike Davis. The final day promises to be a war. The person who comes out on top will definitely have played some great pool to do so.

Special thanks again to room owners James Oswalt and Ward for hosting such a tremendous event. The fun never seems to stop at Diamond Billiards. Of course we'd also like to thank the Seminole Tribe of Florida for their continued dedication in supporting professional pool. Please stay tuned as the final stage in this awesome event comes to fruition. See you tomorrow.  

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