Shane Van Boening and Erica Park Join Yalin Tables

Jinan, China - Yalin Tables has signed on two young,hot stars of billiards. Up and coming women's professional Eunji "Erica" Park of South Korea and top USA pro Shane Van Boening. Both players will be representing Yalin in all their events on their respective men and women's pro tours around the world. The duo signed a multi-year deal with the famous international table brand through Dragon Promotions.
" Yalin makes great tables and is a fun company to represent. I've been having a good time doing exhibitions and shows for them as they help promote my name and pool in China. I'm really looking forward to playing more events on Yalin Tables", said Shane Van Boening, former Player of the Year and US Open Champion. Fans can learn more about Shane at
"I'm very honored they have confidence in me as an up and coming player. I hope I can bring lots of titles as one of their players and always represent them well," said Erica Park. The week after signing on with Yalin, Park placed 3rd at her very first USA women's pro tournament at the WPBA US Open which will air on ESPN in July. Fans can follow Eunji at!/profile.php?id=100002481496624&sk=wall
Yalin Tables has been rapidly growing worldwide. Already a top brand name in China, Yalin continues to have growth in overseas market and has been partnering frequently with international promotions company Dragon Promotions on events and player endorsements. The latest collaboration has brought together two players from different worlds to the Chinese manufacturing giant.  
"Shane and Erica are bright young stars of the sport. Shane has already succeeded so much already in his youthful career winning World and US Open titles. Erica just finished 3rd at the Women's US Open and we know she will be a champion,too, especially with her being coached by Charlie Williams. Yalin will work together with Dragon Promotions in making them even more famous in China and around the world. "- Eric Ding, President of Yalin Tables and BCN Sporting Goods.
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Yalin Billiard Goods Corporation specializes in the production of high quality billiard tables and accessories since 1993. Yalin is located in Jinan, the Northern part of China, and is one of the world's largest manufacturers of billiard tables and products made in its 100,000 square meters facility. Yalin is represented by renown professional players such as Karen Corr, Shane Van Boening, Karl Boyes, Erica Park, Liu Haitao, and Scott Higgins. Jinan Yalin Billiards manufactures many kinds of billiard tables and accessories including Snooker tables, American style pool tables and Russian pyramid style. Also other sporting games such as  family billiard/tennis table; international standard tennis table for entertainment, and any customer designed tables. Yalin has received the highest marks internationally, more than any other Asian manufacturer, and was selected by Brunswick Billiards as their sole exclusive partner in China. Yalin is also the official table chosen for prestigious events such as The Predator International Championships and The Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship. Yalin has exported high quality tables to over 70 countries including the United States, France, Canada, Russia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Arabia, and more. Please visit