Shane Van Boening Serious About Winning His Fourth Open in a Row

Shane Van Boening is more than willing to go that extra mile in his quest to win his fourth consecutive U.S. Open title and tie the record held by Earl Strickland of five total Open wins.

SVB is traveling to Norfolk and will be staying there at the host site of the Open, the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside, and he will be there to practice for both the Open and the Accu-Stats Make It Happen One Pocket event coming up June 25-28 in New Jersey. He will also be spending time with Barry Behrman promoting the 40th U.S. Open.

An update on the prize fund progress shows over $45,000 already in place with, according to Mr. Behrman, the rest of the money well on its way. Pat Fleming of Accu-Stats is overseeing the receipt and retention of all prize monies this year.