Shane Wins Bigfoot Challenge; Derby Day Four

Derby City Classic XVI, Jan 24-Feb 1, 2014
Horseshoe Southern Indiana
Elizabeth, Indiana.
Sponsored by Diamond SMART TABLE, True Blue Simonis 860 Cloth, and Cyclop Pool Balls.
Day 4: Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge
Semi's #1
Niels Feijen showed no fear of BIG Foot as he devoured the first rack with such intimidating force that even his opponent, Ralf Souquet, was impressed.
A month ago they were conquering Mosconi Cup teammates, today they were mortal enemies, at least, on the table.
Niels speared in the Cyclops the length of the table with such incredible accuracy not even the Simonis rippled. The tight Pro-Cut Diamond pockets accepted the balls as if lubricated.
Was Big Foot vulnerable? Had Niels tamed the Beast? Whatever the table dictated, Niels could deliver.
Not so for Ralf Soquet. His tempo showed signs of fatigue. He got through a frame or two and then missed to gift wrap the rack.
Nothing fatigued about Feijen. A force to be reckoned with, he gratefully accepted the donations–all the way to the hill.
At 10-3 Feijen showed the first sign of slowing. He ran a little short on shape on the ten and over cut it.
Is this an omen of things to come?
Ralf quietly sank the dangling ten, broke and ran to fall a little iffy on the 5 to get to the six. He stabbed it straight into the cut of the pocket to have it pop back at him on the table.
Feijen, not letting his chance fly by, ran the remaining rack and sealed the match at 11-4. Niels had also shot a new high Total Point Average(TPA) of .896. Pretty impressive.
Semi's #2
Now it was time for Van Boening to meet Bustamante, his bogey man.
Shane has always maintained that the toughest guy he'd played for the cash was Bustey. "But I know I can beat him on the 10 foot. There are shots that he just can't make. I'm taller than he is. He has to use the bridge more,"
Shane was right. Using that bridge, Bustey miscued twice. And, they'd cost him; He was soon down 4-8.
Yet, he wasn't the only one falling foul. A multitude of scratches, missed kicks, jumped balls that scraped the top of the snookering ball; There was a plague on both their houses yet, Bustey snags another couple of racks and it's 6-8.
Shane grinds to 9-6. His shape runs too long or too short. He commits the ultimate sin, he flubs a 10-Ball. It's 9-7.
Bustey breaks. Nothing. Shane steals and runs to leave a long thin cut on the 10. He has to use the bridge. Remarkably, it slides into the pocket. He's on the hill.
He breaks dry. Bustey's back at the table, but not for long.
It's 10-8. Bustey knows he has to come with it. "How many chances am I going to get?"
Shane, nerves wreaking havoc, sweats in his chair. Not again, I can't lose to him, again, not on BIG Foot.
Bustamante manages a couple of balls and gets into trouble.
Shane, acknowledging the simplicity of the table, knows that he has to do it now, or, its never; he's history, he's BIG Foot meat.
Shane defaults to champion mode. Now cool, calm, and collected,–not even breathing heavily–he quietly rendered the remaining balls harmless. it was 11-8.
But, is he ready for Niels?
Although had had just shot a respectable .862, Shane knew that he had escaped. He had 30 minutes to shake it off, push the reset button, and step up.
He had heard tale of Feijen's intimidating performance against Ralf. He had observed him deservedly attain MVP status at the Mosconi Cup last month. He knew Niels wasn't here to play, he was hear to win.
Niels got off to a fine start. Down 2 zip, Shane stepped to the table. After a couple of safes to shoot at, the next thing Niels knew was that Shane was ahead 6-2, which included putting together a 2 pack, twice.
Shane has found his sweet spot. His big break is back and balls were going in.
No problem, Niels, composed, got the next rack and, down 6-3, inconceivably, missed a straight in 10. Shane was left a long bank, using the bridge, off the short rail: Nothing but net: 7-3.
Shane over runs shape on the 9 and has to pound three rails to end inches from the 10. No problem; it's very makable.
He misses it!
It leaves a thin cut for Niels. He misses it. 
The Beast is back.
Shane makes it: 9-3. Breaks, makes one, leaves none, pushes out. Niels, announces, "Time out." Smart.
Returning, accepting the push out, he fails to leave safe: 10-3.
Shane breaks dry. Niels composes a 2 pack! 10-5.
Breaks dry. Shane makes 2 balls and hooks himself. Niels nails it: 10-6. 
Niels breaks. Shane's hooked–in jail, Rather than kick, he rearranges the furniture. Niels, showing signs of his bad self, breaks Shane's cluster and it's 10-7.
The Beast turns cold; Niels gets the kiss from hell–and scratches.
Shane never looked back. Without hesitation, it was over; 11-7 and another prestigious accolade in his pocket. "Show me the money!"
Shane had just shot a .908: The highest Accu-Stats TPA of the event, a truly impressive performance.
After this event, surely, he'd be remembered as the best 10-Ball player ever, at least, to date. 9-foot, 10-foot, it didn't matter, he's the most consistent 10-Ball competitor. He'd overcome so much adversity, so much pressure–mostly self inflicted–the pressure that only true champions survive.
He'd tamed the Beast.
Who else can compare?
He finished 11th in the Banks. Now, he can concentrate on the One Pocket.
Derby City Classic Bank Pool Division:
Earl Strickland defeated David Grossman.
Dennis Orcollo defeated Justin Bergman
Francisco Bustamante defeated Shannon Murphy.
Semis #1
Dennis vs. Bustey (Dennis is undefeated and can buy-back)
Earl got the bye.
Watch it LIVE Tuesday, FEB. 28, 7pm;
Derby City Classic One-Pocket Championship.
Mon. 25th. JAN, 2104. highlights:
Darren Appleton d. Warren Kiamco
Oscar Dominguez d. Wang Can
Corey deuel d. Robert Frost
John Schmidt d. Bobby Hunter
Lee Vann Corteza d. Mike Massey
Efren Reyes d. Mark Haddad
Niels feijen d. Huidji See
Shane Van Boening d. Joey Grey.
Watch LIVE: Noon TUES, FEB 28:  Wang Can vs. Scott Frost
2014 George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge:
High runs Monday, 27th.
Ralf Souquet: 178
Darren Appleton: 122
John Schmidt: 103
Nick van der Berg: 100
Jayson Shaw: 95
Huiji See: 93
Alex lely: 88
Wang Can: 85
Watch Straight Pool LIVE: TUES, FEB 28:
 The American Rotation Challenge: 12pm Mon. JAN 27th.
Joe Tucker hosted with Biil Biggs on
Thorsten Hohmann d John Morra.