Sharing The Light – Question 3 October 2021

This month we continue with our question and answer(s) program. 

Question #3, October 2021:

Have you ever used an illegal substance(s) as a way to enhance your pool performance?

Tom Rossman

Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman:


The only thing I use are God-given “sport gifts” honed to maximum output by dedicated practice, a heartfelt passion for the game, and prayers that the Holy Spirit directs my steps both “on and off” the table…intended to give God all the glory.

The blueprint above allows me to:

“Play Skillfully…with a Shout of JOY”

(Psalms 33:3)


Robin Dodson:

I never did, I used drugs early on but they never did anything good in my life or my pool game. If anything, they took my love for the game away.

Steve Lillis

Steve Lillis:

Having started my pool career in the late 1960’s and becoming a top professional player in the early 1970’s, I absolutely used drugs to enhance my pool game. As a  child of the Woodstock generation of the 1960’s, I experimented with all kinds of illegal and legal substances. I was also influenced and introduced to drugs by some of the top pro players of the 1970’s. Back in the day, players called it chemical warfare. It was believed by many that only those with the right mix of drugs would survive the grueling life of the road and the pressure of top tournament play.

In 1976 after 8 years of this abusive lifestyle, I had a complete breakdown from the excessive use of drugs and alcohol. I cried out to the Lord for help and He answered. My journey to recovery started when I joined the U.S. Navy in late 1976 and started to live a healthy lifestyle. I even got to play pool for the Navy in the 1977 World 14.1 Straight Pool Championship won by BCA Hall of Famer Allen Hopkins and the 1977 World 9-Ball Championship won by BCA Hall of Famer Larry Hubbert. I finished in the top 10 in both of those events representing the U.S. Navy.  My healthy lifestyle continued after my honorable discharge from the Navy and I continued to play pool in a healthy manner for the next 44 years. By the grace of God and by my good choices, I continue to play in world class competition to this day at the highest level and do my Gospel Trick Shot shows all over in world! Praise the Lord!

Nick Mannino: 

No, I did not.

Tommy Kennedy

Tommy Kennedy:

No, I have never used an illegal substance to enhance my pool game. I have thought about it a little when I was younger before I was saved. But it never happened. (I think God protected me even before I was saved from getting into drugs so He could use me later in my life when I became a Christian.)

Now as a True Christian I wouldn’t even entertain the thought for one minute. Doing drugs is what the Bible calls  Sorcery. The Greek word is pharmakea, (I think that is how you spell it)  That’s where we get our English word pharmacy from. So Sorcery is not only Satanic magic but also drug use. The literal meaning of Sorcery is “To be enchanted with drugs.”

Our world is so caught up in being on some kind of drug most of the time, legal or illegal. This would include alcohol and being drunk.  Drunkenness also brings you under its power and dulls your senses. This is all Satanic and opens up your mind to demonic forces outside of yourself. The Bible clearly forbids this. In the book of Acts it says “Simon the Sorcerer, used Sorcery and bewitched the people of Samaria.” Also there was a man named Bar-Jesus who was a Sorcerer of Paphos. Even in the old testament did you know that when Moses did miracles the magicians of Egypt matched him?

Satan has supernatural power and ability. He is not as powerful as God but he is nonetheless Supernatural, he is beyond our senses. So doing any kind of drug for pool playing enhancement is out of the question for a true Christian because it allows Satan a foothold in your life and mind. And if any so-called Christian comes along and tells you it’s okay to do drugs they are not Chritians and they are just trying to justify their sin and evil. Doing drugs is what unsaved people do, not what lovers of Christ do.

If you are truly Born-Again you are called to be sober and vigilant against Satan and his schemes. You have to be aware of your surroundings and you need to be watchful of Satan and his wiles. Being on drugs and drinking alcohol blurs your senses and makes you vulnerable for Satan’s attacks. The bible says, “Satan is like a roaring lion going to and fro seeking whom he may devour.” If you are under the influence of anything, you might get devoured by Satan!!!

Please listen to what I have said here in this article and if you are involved in drug use, please get out of it now and turn it over to The Lord Jesus Christ and He will heal you of your addiction. He has the power to save and to make you into a new creation. Run to Jesus and fall down at His feet and worship Him! Only Christ can save you from your Sins and addictions. He did it for me and for countless other Christians. Believe in Him as your Lord and savior and believe He shed His literal Blood and He died for you on the cross of Calvary and that He arose from the grave on the third day for your justification!! Give your whole life to Him now before it’s too late!  Tommy