Sherry Pouncey wins N.E. Women’s Tour Qualifier

The "McDermott Cue" New England Women's Tour held their second WPBA Qualifier of the year at Maggie's Pub and Entertainment Center in Norwood, MA. This is the second New England Qualifier but the first operating under a new Director, Bonnie Saritelli. They had a great turnout with many talented women coming in to play from across the country. It was impressive to see so much fantastic pool-playing ability in one room.

Sherry Pouncey, who recently relocated to Connecticut from Colorado, powered her way through the winners' bracket to win the hot seat match against Katherine Friend. Friend recently took fourth place in Planet Pool's April tour stop and third place at the BCA Open Qualifier in February. Along the way Sherry also defeated Ellen Van Buren, who took first place at the last NEW Tour Qualifier in January and the Northeast Women's Tour Stop in April along with fourth place in the Women's Amateur Open Event at the Alan Hopkins Super Billiards Expo in March. The tournament was full of comebacks and nail-biters and was suspenseful until the very end

The Quarter Final Match pitted Stacey Lantz against Morgan Steinman. At one point Steinman was on the hill while Lantz had only two on the wire. Lantz battled her way back to win the next four games making the match hill-hill. Tension was incredibly high in the last game with both players missing multiple shots. Steinman ran the last two balls but missed the 9 ball. Lantz looked set to take the match but the pressure proved to be too much and she missed the shot on the 9 ball. Steinman sank it to win the match 7-6. Lantz took home the fourth place prize.

The semi-final match was Morgan Steinman vs. Katherine Friend. In game 1 Steinman took advantage of Friend's foul on the 4 ball and ran the rest of the rack. Friend had her revenge when Steinman missed a shot on the 4 ball and Friend ran out. In the third game Friend played safe on the 3 ball, leaving Steinman a seven-foot thin cut shot down the rail past the side pocket. Steinman made the shot but scratched. Friend ran the remaining balls but hung the 9, giving the game to Steinman. Friend won the next three games. The two women alternated winning the next four games. In game 12, Friend played a safe on the 3 ball forcing Steinman to attempt a jump shot. Steinman hit the 3 to avoid a foul but didn't pocket a ball. A few safes were traded back and forth, and then Steinman ran from the three to the 8 ball. She unfortunately missed the 9 ball shot giving the match to Friend with a score of 7-5.

The final match was between Katherine Friend and undefeated Sherry Pouncey. Friend scratched on the 7 ball in the first game allowing Pouncey to run out. Friend's focused and methodical style seemed to take a toll on Pouncey who had clearly gotten cold during her four-hour wait for the final match. Friend took the next 4 games. Sherry won game 6 and hit rack 7 with a monster break but scratched, allowing Friend the opportunity to run some balls and eventually take the game. In game 8 Friend made a nice kick at a 3 ball, which caromed in the 5 ball. Unfortunately she scratched in the attempt, which allowed Pouncey to run out the rack. Friend won the last two games to give Pouncey her first defeat of the night and take the first set 7-3.

Because the tournament is a true double elimination Friend had to play Pouncey in a second set. Both women played with a lot heart and skill and the match could have easily gone either way. Friend won the lag, broke, and ran to the 8 ball but missed the shot. Pouncey took game 1. Pouncey crushed the second rack but unfortunately was hooked and had to push out. Friend accepted the push and proceeded to run the rack. Game 3 was a safety battle. Friend eventually ran out but scratched after pocketing the 9 ball. Friend also handed away game 4 by hanging the 9 ball. Friend pulled herself back together and won the next two games, but in game 8 she flew the cue ball off the table in a failed jump shot attempt. Pouncey eagerly ran out. A missed shot by Pouncey in the next rack allowed Friend to take game 9. In game 10 Pouncey fouled on the 6 ball, but Friend missed as shot on the seven ball and Pouncey made it to the hill. Friend took game 11 to to be one game away from joining Pouncey on the hill. In the final game of the match Pouncey fouled on the 2 ball, but Friend missed a shot on the 4 ball. Pouncey sank some balls but missed the 7 ball. It appeared that Friend had walked up to the table to try and get on the hill with Pouncey by running out, but in one heart-wrenching moment, Friend missed the shot on the 8 ball. Pouncey made the 8 and sank the 9 to take the match 7-5 and first place in the event. Pouncey will be playing in the Mueller Recreational Products Midwest Classic at the Par-a-dice Hotel and Casino in East Peoria, IL on August 3-7, 2005. Congratulations to Sherry Pouncey.

1st Place-Sherry Pouncey $385.00 plus Qualifier spot for Peoria, IL
2nd Place-Kathy Friend $225.00
3rd Place-Morgan Steinman $150.00
4th Place-Stacy Lantz $ 85.00

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Thank you "Maggie's Pub and Entertainment Center" for hosting such a successful tournament.

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