ShootersPool Billiards Simulation – A New Way To Enjoy And Play Billiards With Players From All Over The World.


On November 1, 2017, we launched “ShootersPool – Billiards Simulation”, an online billiards simulator for computers. A powerful software with which we intend to create a new gaming dimension around the world of billiards and its fans.
ShootersPool is a billiards simulator, a software designed and developed by a billiards player, Marcos Sanz, with the aim of create new gaming experiences for all players and fans of this great sport.
We have focused our efforts on researching and studying the billiards physics, in order to offer the players a unique gaming experience, as close as possible to the real billiards. From our point of view, a billiards game must respect and perfectly simulate the physical behavior of all the elements that take part on a billiards game. From the analysis of the balls, the tables, their cushions and pockets behavior, to details such as the dirt of the cloth and the  balls have an impact on a game played on ShootersPool, just like it would happend in a real billiards game.
Through the website ““,  a complete online gaming platform, players from all over the world can create personalized games and tournaments, join the games of other players or participate in online tournaments. In addition, each user has a player profile that stores all their game statistics. In this way, the players can analyze graphically all the data in order to improve those skills that dominate less.
ShootersPool has games of American Pool, (8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, One Pocket and Straight Pool), Chinese 8-Ball, Snooker, Straight Rail Billiards, 1 Cushion Billiards and 3 Cushion Billiards.