Shotze’s 8th Annual 8-Ball State Championships End With Larry Wilson Victory

Dan Louie, Larry Wilson, and Randy Camantigue

For the past eight years Shotze's in Everett, Washington, has held the 8-Ball State Championship Tournament and once again on the weekend of September 13th and 14th the field consisted of forty-nine men and seven women from everywhere. The total Purse of $4170 was made up of the entries, table fees, $1000 added by the venue, and $200+ added by Harry Platis Law Firm, Glaciers Lanes, and Billiards 911.

Each year the winner of this tournament has their name added to the plaque and is provided free entry into next year's tournament! This plaque hangs on the wall at Shotze's for all to see. Last winner was Dan Louie and he made a very valiant effort to repeat and put his name on it again.

Dan Louie matches were against Kevin H. (5-0) and Sergio (1-5) -  yes, he lost his second match. Louie then went on to defeat Alberto (5-2), Tim Tweedell (5-1), Victor (5-0), Pat V (5-0), Tyler Hayne (5-3), Robert S. (5-4), Dumo (5-2), Nick K. (5-0), and then Randy C. (5-1), all before making it into the finals against Larry Wilson.

Larry Wilson, from Victoria, BC, has been to the Shotze's tournament in the past and has done well, but this tournament he went all out and just seemed to roll over most of his opponents without a second glance, even though the matches themselves weren't blow outs!

Wilson's matches included Rhiannon (5-0), L.T. (5-4), Victor (5-0), John D. (6-3), Dumo (6-3), then the all important point match against Randy C. (6-5).

As in all of the Shotze's tournaments, the finals was one race to seven for the championship and the honor of adding your name to the plaque with past champions, which is always fantastic fun when that name is a new one that has earned a spot on the plaque.

Larry Wilson and Dan Louie started the final match with Wilson winning the lag and after that, he just started shooting and never seemed to stop. It was 5-0 before Louie got on the board, which when its only a race to seven it is hard to come back from such a deficit. Wilson took the next game which put him on six and on the hill. Louie then had to win six straight for the victory, but it wasn't to be. Louie managed to put two more games up but when the last break was made, no balls went down.  Wilson stepped up and made a very nice run out to finish the tournament undefeated 7-3.

In addition to great play by both Louie and Wilson, congratulations to top women player Cindy Silva – she received $100 for her placing.  

Thanks to Darryl (owner) for sponsoring these tournaments, when so many rooms have quit; to Dave Shield (general manager) and his staff for helping us make the event fun for all; and to tournament directors Rose Wilson and Ford for keeping everyone jumping over the weekend.