Shu-Han Chang leads Amway Day Two Upsets

Shu-Han Chang

Day two of the Amway Cup has seen its share of upsets that put many of the top players in doubt as to their chances of surviving through to the final four. The day began with Shu-Han Chang defeating Karen Corr 7-5. Wendy Jans then polished off Akimi Kajitani 7-3. A major upset occurred when Yuan-Chun Lin dominated Allison Fisher. Yuan-Chun won the first game of the set in a back and forth match, but then took control and ran four straight racks while Allison could only watch from her chair. The next time Allison stood at the table was after nothing fell on the sixth break of the set and she by then trailed in the race to seven 5-0. Even the great Duchess could not overcome such an advantage and Yuan-Chun soon celebrated a 7-3 win over Fisher.

Jennifer Barretta then proved she is much more than just a pretty face by destroying the defending champion Shin-Mei Liu 7-3 and Jennifer Chen won out over Jeanette Lee 7-5. Karen Corr's troubles worsened next when she lost her second match of the day to Jasmin Ouchin 7-4. Shin-Mei Liu regained her balance in the next match by besting Ga-Young Kim 7-6 and Allison Fisher rebalanced her score sheet by taking down Wendy Jans 7-4.

Jennifer Barretta continued her comeback with another impressive win, taking out Shu-Han Chang 7-3 as Yuan-Chun Lin triumphed over Jennifer Chen 7-1. Akimi Kajitani finally tasted victory by defeating Jeanette Lee 7-4 while Ga-Young Kim rolled over Jasmin Ouchin 7-2.

Allison Fisher then gained revenge for her earlier loss today by blanking Jennifer Chen 7-0 in an effort that saw Allison running 5 racks in a row. Wendy Jans continued her winning ways by showing the door to Yuan-Chun Lin 7-2. Our final two matches of the day found Karen Corr strengthening with a 7-6 squeaker over Ga-Young Kim and Jasmin Ouchin took out Jennifer Barretta 7-1. Play will continue on Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM.

We have updated our scoring lines to reflect the system used in Taipei whereby a win is worth three points and a loss garners one point. Please note that not all players have played the same amount of games and so the point totals do not reflect an equal number of contests between all players.


Shin-Mei Liu 3 1 10
Jasmin Ouchin 2 3 9
Jennifer Barretta 2 3 9
Shu-Han Chang 2 2 8
Ga-Young Kim 2 2 8
Karen Corr 2 2 8
Jennifer Chen 3 2 11
Wendy Jans 3 2 11
Allison Fisher 3 1 10
Yuan-Chun Lin 2 2 8
Jeanette Lee 1 3 6
Akimi Kajitami 1 3 6

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