Shuff comes back from deep on the loss side to take down Wilkie in Action Pool Tour finale

Brandon Shuff
Brandon Shuff won four of the Action Pool Tour's 10 stops in 2015, including the season finale on the weekend of December 12-13, in which he spent most of his time on the loss side of the bracket. His four victories secured his spot at the top of the APT rankings, earning him the 2015 APT Champion title, which awards him airfare to the 2016 US Bar Table Championships, free entry into all three divisions, and a free hotel room at the host venue (still to be determined). 
Finishing second in the tour rankings, and not surprisingly, second in the tour finale was Shaun Wilkie, who competed in all 10 of the tour's events, won the first two, in January and February, and chalked up three second-place finishes. Finishing third in the tour rankings and first in 'participation points' on the tour, was Steve Fleming, who, like Wilkie competed in all 10 of the tour's events,, finishing as runner-up to Wilkie in the season opener, and adding two fifth and ninth place finishes, as well. Participation points are awarded based on actual participation in both main event and second chance tournaments, as well as referring new players to the tour. Fleming's Participation Points award affords him free entry to Action Pool Tour events for life.
The season finale drew 21 entrants to Clubhouse Billiards in Lynchburg, VA, and saw Shuff and Wilkie meet twice; once early and once, as late as it can get. Shuff picked up a bye in the opening round, as Wilkie was busy defeating Daniel Adams 9-4, in his first match. They met in the second round, and battled to double hill before Wilkie prevailed, and Shuff moved to the loss side. 
Wilkie advanced though Shorty K, 9-4, and faced Darren Musser in a winners' side semifinal. Jonathan Ailstock, in the meantime, got by Raymond Walters 9-7, Josh Fleming 9-1, and Andy Good 9-6 to draw Shannon Fitch in the other winners' side semifinal. Wilkie downed Musser 9-3, as Ailstock got by Fitch 9-4. Wilkie claimed the hot seat 9-6 over Ailstock and waited for Shuff to complete his five-match, loss-side winning streak.
That streak began (after a bye) with a shutout over Alex Espinal, followed by victories over Andy Good 7-2, and Scott Roberts 7-5, which set Shuff up to face Musser. Fitch drew Steve Fleming, who was on his own five-match, loss-side winning streak, which included victories over Charlie Clark 7-2 and Shorty K 7-1, to draw Fitch.
Shuff and Fitch downed Musser and Fleming, both 7-3. Shuff then defeated Fitch in the quarterfinals, also 7-3, and then spoiled Ailstock's bid for a second shot at Wilkie with a 7-4 win in the semifinals.
Vengeance, they say, is a dish best served cold. Shuff and Wilkie locked up, for the second time, in a double hill match, but Shuff closed it out at 11-10 to claim the event and tour championship title.